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Introduction to Efficiency

 To accomplish more with fewer resources is efficiency. Instead of its being one time occurrence, it can become way of life. In that case, it becomes Skill in the individual capable of maturing into capacity, talent, and ability. In the community, it becomes an organisation known as social habit. It is called culture of the community when each individual has got it from the society through its organisation. 

How more is accomplished with less:

  • Interest in work makes one work as several men.
  • An idea raises the efficiency several fold - Model T.
  • Organisation raises the efficiency of the assembled men several times higher than their sum of efficiencies.
  • Community accepting one's method raises the individual method into one of communal one. Here the efficiency rises in direct proportion to the number of men in the community.
  • To make an isolated method a part of a whole also raises efficiency.
  • Thoughtfulness contributes to efficiency.
  • Resourcefulness creates new avenues of work as well as raising the existing efficiency very high.
  • Scales, measurements, records are tools of efficiency.

Efficiency is in the physical, vital mental planes. The efficiency of each plane is very many times greater than the earlier plane.

Each plane can descend on a lower plane raising the efficiency.

We have heard that during the war period, efficiency rose 400 fold. It is still in the physical plane of work.   

Horizontal expansion of quantity or strength of members or vertical growth of rising to higher planes raises efficiency incredibly.

What is now known as Human Resources is by people taking interest in work and changing their attitudes.

                        = As far as people are concerned, it finally

                           reduces itself to shedding one's ego =

Accomplishment directly depends upon efficiency.

Bureaucracy is known for its inefficiency because there each system in its working comes in the way of the other systems.

One profound principle of efficiency is to devise a SYSTEM which in its working does not stall other systems.

  • It is not possible on the same plane.
  • It can be achieved by rising to the higher plane.

Efficiency will get a comprehensive consideration when it is analysed from the point of view of all its aspects - energy, systems, people, result, strategy, skill, etc.

story | by Dr. Radut