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118. Faith Must be Pure, NOT Dependent on Other things

Those who have FAITH often witness that it works sometimes but not always. When their faith is pure and total, it works, but when they rely on other factors too, it fails. By shifting their reliance from a method or a medium, faith becomes full and victorious. There are others who have no faith. Perseverance, says Mother, generates faith. They must repeatedly try until faith is created.

A man tries for a difficult admission with some faith. There are two things he must do. 1. He must fulfill necessarily all the conditions such as applying, submitting all the certificates, etc. Of course, he must qualify for selection; 2. He may have some faith in his scores or his correct submission of documents or also rely on some recommendation or his caste that is backward, etc. He must look at his mind and carefully shift each of these reliances to Pure Faith. The work is fulfilled the moment the last reliance is shifted to faith. One indication that he has thus shifted is his heart will be full and rich. Another is the weight of the problem that was oppressing his heart or occupying his thoughts will be lifted.

Life responds in two ways, depending upon the type of personality one is. In one case, nothing moves until the last item is shifted to faith when the reward suddenly appears as a surprise. In the other case, life begins to respond as positive developments in other areas, though the work on hand remains incomplete, thus encouraging that part in us which is impatient and unbelieving. These should be noted as indications of the work being done behind the scenes but should not be allowed to build expectations. Expectations of the mind are the surest method to neutralise the vast powers of faith one has. When expectations are insistent, pray for their dissolution and disappearance.


Para 1- Line 5- Perservence -

Para 1- Line 5- Perservence - Perseverance












story | by Dr. Radut