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163. The Fisherwoman of Paramahamsa

A fisherwoman who was trapped in a flower shop late at night by torrential rains found the fragrance of flowers interfering with her sleep. She fell asleep when she covered her face with her basket. She is in her elements with her head inside the basket.

People who take to the life of Spirit suddenly find their problems disappearing and life lifting them far higher than they had ever imagined. Often they long to go back to their old temperament, which kept them poor. By such an attitude, many lose their further opportunities and some lose what they have gained.

Man is unconscious, stingy, temperamental, competitive, silly, shallow, shabby, jealous, etc. When invoked, the Spirit overlooks these defects and discovers the very opposite of these qualities in people and enters their life as inconceivable luck. Now that one's business has expanded ten times or one's status has risen from the last 5% of the society to the top 5%, he should endevaour to shed his jealousy or stinginess, etc. Very rarely people are aware of that. Now that they are better than before, some of them, instead of shedding the unwanted traits, -- at least some of them - insist on those undesirable qualities. Life gives the warning by reversing the positive trend. They pay no heed.

Jealous people cannot restrain themselves from harming others, especially now that they are better positioned. Stingy people cannot raise their offerings commensurate to their growth. One whose business rose from Rs. 70 lakhs to 5 1/2 crores was unable to think that his original offerings of Rs. 150/- needed to be changed. The incoming Prosperity needs the support of personality and its acts. Like the fisherwoman of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, they are in their elements while jealousy or stinginess is active inside.

No rule of creation or Nature or Life permits even God to help those who are anxious to cover their faces with the fish basket and breathe its odour in nervous comfort.

story | by Dr. Radut