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107. Form and Content

Educationists all over know the phenomenon of creating successful careers for people devoid of any content of personality. These may be exceptions, but it is a reality of public life. Training well given and well received creates an apparently good product of personality and delivers all the goods in service expected of it. That is the proof of the pudding.

This is not true of education in isolation, but a fact of life and a rule that form lives by. There have been successful mathematics teachers who could not count a bundle of currency exactly. Their ability to teach abstruse mathematical lessons is true. It is also true that they are unable to count. Life permits their co-existence.

While travelling in the plane, a passenger had an interesting conversation with a middle-aged lady of no particular attraction. An hour before landing she broke off her conversation to attend to her make-up. At the end of an hour what did the passenger see when he casually turned to her side? It was a face fit for a magazine's cover page. The power of FORM and the art of creating that form came to him in full force. Certainly, it is a great power.

Meditation, scriptural reading, concentration and the like bring the dormant Spirit to the surface. The light aspect is seen in the face. Light is one of the twelve aspects of the Spirit. The forehead being the seat of knowledge and the eyes the windows of the Spirit, it is natural that the face becomes brighter by such exercises. The Life Divine, the magnum opus of Sri Aurobindo has invariably rendered the faces of people not only bright and brilliant but beautiful. If the arts of make-up can lift faces so high, it is no wonder the springs of Spirit will render faces beautiful by poring over it.

story | by Dr. Radut