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November 27, 1999

          All that we see and meet with are forms into which the Force has poured itself. The creator of these forms is Maya. Maya has created all forms in the universe. Here, we consider forms in the narrow sense of formulation it as occurs in the mind. Hence mental forms and its capacity to formulate are our theme here.

            As the animals can sense water resources and hollows, the human mind can sense distance, weight, forms, relations, correspondences etc., often numerically or even in a complex formula. The more the mind is untrammeled by external training, the more it is capable of exercising these faculties. As imagination, judgment, discrimination, and discretion are the faculties of the mind, formulation is another faculty of the human mind.

            Fragments of this faculty are seen in the engineer who looks at a company's product and pronounces on the company's source of raw material, quality of their finances, training of the workers, their efficiency in their use of time, etc. We often meet with doctors who smell diseases, diagnose at the first sight without any or only a few questions because of their long familiarity with the details of health and their inherent relations as expressed in their external appearances. Mostly this is a capacity of the subtle mind.

            Mother speaks of the memory of the earth. She had seen the mantra of Life in one of the subtle planes. The layers of consciousness that go to make up the mind and those that are there above it are made of substance of pure knowledge. When a body of knowledge like the scientist possesses about the universe, matter, etc. is complete to satisfaction and is raised to these higher layers of pure knowledge, the revelation can take many possible forms of which formulation is one.

            In other words, when one works on a subject possessed of all the knowledge of the field he usually gets the essence of that knowledge as ideas or formulas by a very long experience, usually at the end of his practical experience. If he is capable of concentration, instead of waiting for years, he can raise his knowledge to higher realms of concentration. As soon as he touches them, the formulas he is in search of will reveal to him in a flash. The conditions for its fulfillment are,

1. His knowledge of the field must be complete and unmixed or pure.

2. He needs to know the centres or planes where the capacity for formulation lies.

3. His concentration must be able to elevate his knowledge to these heights.

Mind of light is described by Sri Aurobindo as the Supramental Knowledge in Ignorance. When he attained samadhi His knowledge entered Mother creating the Mind of light in Her. It carries the golden light. Those devotees to whom the golden light is familiar are those who carry this capacity in potential.


3-formulation it as occurs in

3-formulation it as occurs in the mind-formulation as it occurs in the mind

story | by Dr. Radut