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133. From the Bottom 5% to the Top 5 %

A young Dutch man spent several years in an Indian Ashram and took the name Sattwa. He was seven inches over six feet. His education ended with school. He found in himself tremendous fear lurking because of violent circumstances in his early upbringing. It could be harmful to others when the vibration surfaces.

Having returned to his native country, he joined a Bank as an employee at the very last level. In spite of poor education, he was endowed with high native intelligence for mental creativity which had no occasion to express in life. He had many other complications in his personality, as a result of which he had no friends. He belonged to the last 5 % of the population. Though lonely, he took to yoga to transform his inner psychological make up.

He steadily rose in his job. Once he gave an idea how his bank could reorganise itself. The management never acknowledged the suggestion but organised the Bank along those lines. He had a colleague blind in both eyes who worked through Braille. He devised a computer system by which blind people could play chess. He worked earnestly to transform his inner fear from which violence sometimes issued into expansive courage. He did so for 11 years and found steady progress. He tried to actively practise Self-giving. His friend contacted him after 11 years on a personal financial transaction which they had entered into earlier. Sattwa decided to fully practise Self-giving. The renewal of old friendship made his otherwise morose mood into one of causeless joy. For weeks he could not refrain from an involuntary SMILE.

They compared notes on the intervening years. His friend, to his surprise found Sattwa had acquired a rare academic degree, rare in his country and had now moved up very much in the Bank. He now belongs to the top 5 % of the society.

story | by Dr. Radut