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Global Achievements


July 14, 2002

  • Humanity has often exhibited the capacity to respond to its favourable circumstances and achieve something by which it becomes a world leader or its achievement spreads all over the world.
  • The fertile conditions of a riverbed civilization led the early Aryans on a quest for God which resulted in the religions of Islam, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism which survive till today. Hinduism too as well as Buddhism owes their origin to settlers from Mesopotamia.
  • The religious basis combined with material prosperity led the Indian to think about creation, its origin and process all of which sum up as Spirituality. They discovered the Brahman, the five elements, the origin of creation as energy and its predecessor Spirit and a method for the human soul to reach its spiritual origins. Those findings are true today and no other part of the world has excelled those findings or even equaled them.
  • Mind in the person of Socrates was born in Greece before Christ. Socrates, Pluto, Aristotle have provided the world all the mental enlightenment it ever had and the basis for the spirit of scientific enquiry. The efflorescence of Hellenic culture ruled the world once and its influence is there still.
  • The impact of Greece on Rome gave birth to culture, art, Law and the capacity to build an empire. The Roman empire ruled the world. To this day Rome remains the capital of the world's art and organised religion.
  • Europe in its barbarism responded to the religion of Christ, the thought of Greece, the art of Rome with the spirit of inquiry which gave birth to science. For over three or four centuries Europe was the home of Science and its leader.
  • The successive occupations by Rome, Norway, France and even Germany of the island of England challenged her spirit to rise as a maritime power primarily to defend her coastal border which gave her a power over the seas. She developed trade and through that built an empire on which the sun never set till the second world war.
  • The god-forsaken population of Europe who settled in the virgin forests of USA as immigrants faced physically hostile conditions for survival and an urgent necessity to overcome it. The memory of the civilized life in their blood held the possibility aloft before them for four centuries. The most successful practical organisation was the result of this and its scientific version was Technology. She became the world leader of Technology and consequent prosperity after the war and remains so till now.
  • Accepting the philosophy of Karl Max as a national ideology, condescending to usurp the power of the population for a police Raj, and egged on by the constant threat of capitalist countries, the USSR settled on State monopoly of market economy. Her emphasis on military efficiency made her a super power for 50 years ruling over one sixth of the world.
  • One capacity taken to its acme and lived as a way of life has given that nation global eminence for a time.
  • Improving upon the technology of the world which she imitated and commissioning her cultural organisation into the field of management, Japan, who was stung by the inferiority complex of a crushing defeat in the war, held the world market for several decades and became cash rich as no other nation was ever able to achieve.
  • Gone are the days of great partial achievements. The time is NOW for each nation to acquire what she does not have so that she will develop the integrality of the part which will enable her to contribute to the whole of a united humankind.

story | by Dr. Radut