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140. Happy Home

Someone who was brought up in a tense, quarrelsome house visited a happy family. With a sense of amazement he said, "Indeed, it is a truly happy family, remarkable in being cheerful. Harmony is the only note they know. At anytime there are about ten people there. About twenty people dine there. Hospitality is their life breath. The family knows nothing of what we describe as family quarrels. It is unheard of in that family that one person is not on speaking terms with another. In short, if any sad person comes there, soon he would become happy, as the atmosphere is infectious." Perhaps they are people of good will, and mild, sweet manners in a place known for its culture for long. It is clear the Spirit of life presides over their living.

Is it possible to bring a little of that vibration into families that are less fortunate? It is, if people let their own inner Spirit emerge in their outer life. Once the Spirit surfaces, family life will be rich and sweet. The same joy can be arrived at by several ways through good manners or ingrained culture without resorting to the help of Spirit.

No simple method can change human nature forever; but it can make a family see that it is possible for the duration of a month. Even when a depressed family changes into a happy one for a week, it will certainly show the possibility. Next to invoking the Spirit, the best rule is: every member of the family should, during this period, vow to do his utmost to make every other member happy. Vibrations of JOY will emanate from where vibrations of abuse issued. Even if all agree NOT to do or say anything to vex another, something of this will be achieved.

Home is known to be happy home, sweet home to which children long to return from their studies, and elders love to come back from their short tours. It is a sacred duty to keep that home SWEET. The invocation of Spirit by all, at least by the heads of the family will surely render any home RICH, SWEET, VIBRANT with JOY of a higher dimension. If not the best, one should keep tension, dissension, quarrels and disputes out of the home.

story | by Dr. Radut