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Harvard – General Motors – Life knowledge

  Emerging Individual

  • A society is live in the measure its cream is in a live relationship with the process of its growth, especially development. I should say, evolution.
  • Dualities are a reality of life presided over by Mind. Freedom is great. In such a context of life presiding over mind, Freedom leads to anarchy. Harvard testifies to this.
  • In 1700 or 1800 AD, Man was centred in his selfishness and worked with a vengeance away from the society. In Europe, it led to stagnation as well as the French and Russian Revolutions. In  USA, it created effective, productive individuals who led the society as entrepreneurs. Neither was in touch with the life of the society. They were much less in a live relationship with it.
  • The individual soul that conceives of itself as separate, falls from the plenary knowledge of Supramental Oneness.
  • Harvard lost its relations with the evolving society. GM is oblivious of the market it intends to serve.
  • The cleavage between the evolving society and its true leader, the emerging Individual, is the problem. Bridging that gap, there will be life in all walks of life.
  • It crystallises as: Education is for life and education is not for education's sake. GM serves the nation, more than the car users. In practice, it goes on abridging its focus to its employees, to its perspective and finally to its ‘Idea of Service'. Restructure education as ‘Life Education', GM as a child of the wider society, and every present day ill will emerge in a clear perspective. A theory of education can be created based on these lines.
  • Four centuries ago the children of aristocracy ruled Europe. Since then, an intelligentsia has been created to take over the social leadership from them. Prior to five hundred years ago, the physically mighty ruled the world and handed power to his dynasty, abolishing freedom. Now Freedom has surfaced with no clearly formulated leadership in the person of the individual. Society is evolving. The collective Individual is unconsciously fashioning himself. His conscious discovery of his self embodying the entire force of subconscious maturity will ultimately abolish this gap seen in Harvard and GM.
  • It will be a psychological revolution in the plane of sociological evolution.


  1. Education is the power of the organized evolution of the society.
  2. Literature gives a greater management capacity than formal management education because literature represents life, and management refers to managing life. In literature, unless you understand the paragraph you have read, you cannot go on to the next para.
  3. From its very inception, education is a poor attempt to give knowledge of life or capacity of life which should come through experience.
  4. But whatever subject the mind is trained in, it really gets trained to handle life and life situations.
  5. The full significance of education will emerge if the system is capable of giving him knowledge of life abridged.
  6. The way in which education has been structured from the beginning, has been by definition, away from that goal. The goal is never addressed.
  7. Originally, the emphasis was on religious education based on the idea that religion is the core of life and if you are qualified in religion you are qualified to handle life.
  8. In Europe, the three careers open to aristocratic youth were the military, politics and the clergy. Traditionally, the military leader became the leader of the country. Military represents a part of life, it's a partial knowledge which was the best available. Later it became politics and still later, clergy who were accepted as leaders. Aristocracy embraced neither agriculture nor trade. Military, politics and the clergy are fields that qualified a man to preside over life.
  9. When education was organized seven hundred years ago, the attempt was to impart knowledge to preside over life through the teaching of math, language, poetry and philosophy.
  10. A gentleman was considered to be the cream of life and only military, political and religious occupations and estate owners qualified.
  11. No system of education has yet been created to develop real leaders of life by virtue of their education.
  12. Education has not had the goal of preparing the leaders of life and it is not designed for that.
  13. A medical doctor is trained in the science of health, medicine and disease. An engineer is trained in the theory of materials and construction. But, leaders of life are not taught what life is directly.
  14. Education is now dominated by money and methodologies and has nothing to do with life.
  15. The idea that children should be prepared to live a full life is not overt.
  16. Education has not yet come into its own.
  17. There is no consensus on what the goals of education should be and what has to be done to achieve those goals.
  18. There are no theories of education, only methods of education.
  19. There is no formal training for parenting, accomplishment, marriage and leadership.
  20. There is a monumental recognition of the importance of education in the USA which brings to it all the monetary support and social prestige. The awareness is great. USA is organized for practical efficiency. That is partial effort destined not to embrace the whole.
  21. Mind knows by division and is capable of concentrating on only a part. Life is whole. Man is a whole. Mind starts with a major part and goes on to minor and infinitesimal parts as in specialization. Interdisciplinary combination of parts can never become a whole.
  22. Education is for life. Education is divorced from life. Educators do not know what life is.

story | by Dr. Radut