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126. Human Determinism

We know too well the frontier between Man and life or Man and Nature and the million conquests he has made over the centuries and is still making with every passing day.

Water that comes to us through rain, known as the material expression of Divine Grace, has been a major determinant of life till the beginning of the nineteenth century. Third world countries began talking of freeing agriculture from the freaks of the monsoon in the post war world. They did succeed in a great measure. Human ingenuity coupled with human industry reduced that dependence to a tiny part until arid tracts were transformed into flourishing orchards. Life is Vital, Nature is physical, but man is mental. His successes were successes of Mind over the lower planes of life and matter. Beyond this lies another plane known as Spirit. It is superceded by the plane of Supermind to which Man and his Mind do have access.

Man has prolonged life by his knowledge of physiology and medicine, but has not given an endlessness to life. His conquest of pain is great but is not complete. Also, he has conquered them by the lower forces of Matter - Medicine -- not by a superior force. Man is discovering himself more powerful than life or Nature at particular points. We witness in this phenomenon that as Man advances positively ahead, he gives rise to equally powerful evil forces over which he can conceive of no mastery. It is so as it is an outer physical conquest. Another conquest is open to him which is the inner conquest of the outer, the spiritual victory over the material resistance. Let us see whether that mastery is devoid of this evil side effect.

story | by Dr. Radut