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328. Human Helplessness

Man lives because he has self-confidence. There are times in our lives when one cannot rely on anything or anyone. That is the hour one is naked before his God.  It happens because of circumstances or because of human unreliability. Either way, Man is his own utter self. One is frightened to think of such a possibility in his life. It is a moment of despair. Mother says that moment is the very best moment for man to call Her. Calls of such nature are instantly answered and more fully than one can bring himself to believe.

Tourists sometimes lose their purse or passport. One who was in that desperate position had his call answered, much to his relief. Why is that the best moment? Always we believe in ourselves, our experience, our capacity, our understanding, our unique personality, etc. These are all effective bars between us and the Divine. In a desperate hour, we know our experience is of no use, as in a refugee camp. Our own capacities will not be rewarded in situations where our capacity finds no play. Hence we are on our own. To the timid it is an occasion to shudder. To the brave, it is an inviting opportunity. To the devotee it is a rare occasion to call the Mother, as there will be nothing of his that can stand between him and Her as an obstacle.

Our past is collected in us as our present capacities. Our past is our karma. As long as we believe in karma, Grace cannot act. The moment we move away from our karma, our being is no longer occupied in any fashion. It is fresh. Grace acts at once and allows us to reap the rewards of our own endowments unhindered by the past or karma. There is a further progress open to Man. It is his ability to give up his faith in his own endowments. Man is not constituted to withdraw from his endowments because he is his own endowment. His identification with his endowments is total. Should he do that, grace at that moment turns into Super Grace.  Grace permits you to work unhindered by karma. Super Grace brings the end results in the beginning, as it is not our own endowments that are at work, but Her endowments that do the work.


Para 1, Line 8, call her -

Para 1, Line 8, call her - call Her.







story | by Dr. Radut