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275)     The individual is a miniature of the society.

            The company is a child of the society.

Whenever we witness an explosive reception of the society to a book, an idea or an act, this aspect sails into action. When the infinitesimal relates to the Infinite through a live strategy, we witness infinite expansion. The phenomenon is not rational or belongs to a period. It is impersonal and universal. Perceptive companies that are lucky stumble on this strategy. Rarely companies come to this consciously.

The power or force or energy that so expresses is infinite because,

1) A higher plane of society charges with energy a small plane.

2) The company is, thus, related, to the origin of its existence.

3) As the car tire is inflated from the atmospheric air, the source can only be infinite.

4) With respect to each plane, the next higher plane is infinite.

5) In banks we have seen 400 times expansion.

6) Imitating one company, 375 companies came into existence.

7) For a boat man to become a steel magnet, a strategy serves - it is cost accountancy.Cost accountancy is a fully organised strategy which can offer this infinite expansion to an unorganised sector.

8) In a mere 7 weeks the New York slum dweller became a middle class men as his wages were 10 times high. All did not benefit as a strategy is needed. Those who aspire must preserves and conserve. Only those who lived as before and saved all the rest succeeded. To save 9 times of the salary in the face of temptations, is a consummate strategy.

9) Ship repair could be abridged 7 times because

- the scope is there

- the right strategy was there

- The compelling emergency is there.

- The whole city of Chicago was raised 5 feet not only because it was possible,but that amount of vast energy in the population was there.

- When free India laid 11 miles of road a year, the transatlantic railway built 11 miles of track in 11 days. One was in 1947 and the other was 150 years ago.

          10)  To know the strategy is great, to implement it successfully one needs many things:

  • The conducive expansive climate.
  • The aspiration in the population not to rest till the aim is achieved.
  • At millions of points of contact, the strategy must be right.
  • The whole organisation must at least endorse the line of approach.
  • Nowhere in the atmosphere there can be the constricting selfish attitude?

Nor can there be miserliness, nervousness, stifling conservatism everywhere.

  • No one in the scheme of things should try to appropriate all the gains to himself.
  • The enormous Energy that envelops the atmosphere must be real.
  • At such times ONE strategy - a prayer, king idea, Master act - will make miracles commonplace.
  • The evil man, especially a society of evil men, commission themselves wholesale in a trice to destroy a crusader of Truth. Such an atmosphere for Truth must be created. ONE TOUCH of the right person's right attitude can create it.
  • Mind must not come into play at all.
  • Surrender must be increasingly enjoyable for its own sake.
  • What releases that immense energy is the eternal longing for surrender to an infinite ocean of energy.

277)     Society's relationship with the individual is the same as the universe has with the individual.

            Without going into the spiritual aspects of it, let us take only the part of its analogy for our purposes.

The Universe has an all absorbing relationship with the Spiritual Individual.

The Universe, the cosmos, is one.

Life is the nodus between the Individual, the cosmos and The Transcendent. The Individual, cosmos

and Transcendent contain each other in different ways.

The One becomes the Many.

In the One all is in all.

In the One becoming the Many, all is in each and each is in all.

Mind prevents us from seeing the second part of the relationship which is the cause of selfishness.

It is the selfishness that organises the ego.

This contradiction is resolved when the ignorance of the ego is dissolved.

It generates three important conditions.

  • 1) Each Individual is the Supreme.
  • 2) Each Individual tends to a centre where all meet in equality.
  • 3) Each individual is subordinate to all others.

For the final consummation it is necessary that

  • The Individual should always be in the presence of the society.
  • He should live simultaneously in the One and the Many.
  • There should be no conflict between the thought and will.
  • There should be no discord between thought of one and the thought of the other.
  • No such disharmony between the wills or delight is permissible.
  • To accomplish anything the concentration needs to hold back every other thing.
  • Society fulfils itself in the Individual.
  • The Individual fulfils himself in the Society.
  • When an Individual is mature, he multiplies himself in all the mature Individuals.
  • The birth of the ordinary individual leads to his death.
  • Both his birth and death are mysteries.
  • The Birth of the mature Individual is the Society realising itself in him and fulfilling itself.
  • The parallel between the Spiritual and social process is precise and exact.
  • Knowledge of the one helps correct the knowledge of the other.

278)     The beginning of the individual in the society is conformity.

His growth there is to raise the society.

Finally he leads the society.

In the end everyone in the society reaches the level of the pioneer.

This is a cycle.

The relationship between the society and the Individual is one of the part and the whole.

In this relationship there is something that defies common sense.

All the parts of the whole put together do not make the whole, as the whole essentially exceeds the sum of the parts.

The parts and the sum of the parts belong to the physical - gross - plane.

But the whole exists not only in the gross plane, but in the subtle plane.

The existence of the sum of the parts can be either in the gross or subtle plane depending on whether it is a mere collection or an assemblage according to a form.

We can as well repeat that the

   ─   Parts of a whole belong to the gross material plane.

   ─   Their mere collection of parts is in the material plane.

   ─   Their assemblage according to the plan of the whole is in the subtle plane.

   ─   While the existence of the whole is in the subtle plane, the functioning of the whole is in the causal plane.

This is very evident in a machine. In a family of whose parts are living beings, it must be more evident, striking, and forceful.

The rules by which a society advances follow the above rule of moving from the gross to the subtle and from there to the causal plane.

Social progress has several dimensions, maybe infinite dimensions. The goal of social progress is, among other things, a perfectly integrated status. It moves on several lines of which the above is one.

  • The primary condition of social progress is its vertical growth in power, quality, law, faith, culture, etc.

Its immediate stipulation is the quantitative broadening at the foundation.

Another line of progress is skill - capacity - talent - ability on the individual and collective fronts.

If the growth lies in physical, vital, mental planes it is another line.

Even in this the growth proceeds from consciousness to substance in each plane.

Also there is the dimension of ascent and descent.

Above we said there is another line - Gross - Subtle - Causal planes.

On another line the increasing quantity leads to changes in quality.

The constant progress we change in the process of integration of the collective with the Individual can be another important dimension.

As in Money Man begins as a thing, develops into being capable of transaction, organisation, Trust, Force which are social powers at higher levels of social existence.

279)     Opinion, attitude, motive of the individual are of the society.

Three fourths of the populations is anxious to fit into the society, because they are below its average level.

Those people adopt the society's opinion as their own.

In espousing such opinions, attitudes, motives, such people are so identified with the society that they feel it is their own opinion, etc.

The next layer has some discrimination.

They examine the social attitudes before they accept them.

In their acceptance of the social attitudes as their own, there will be an element of conformity.

A scale of such conformity will be a valuable TOOL.

Much of the power of the medical profession today comes from the newer tools they are making based on the scales for the indices. Every field can so benefit. The field of Social Science has almost NO such tools or scales.

The questionable scale of I.Q. itself has proved to be invaluable.

We can develop scales, measurements, and tools for,

  • 1) Every human trait such as honesty. Under this about a 100 can be developed. Statistics are there for the length of road and railways per 1000 population. This is exact. How can we develop statistics for national, individual honesty? Maybe by the registered cases in the courts or reported cases of dishonesty. At least it is a beginning.
  • 2) The national value of queue habits.
  • 3) The volume of sound in public gatherings. How loud does an individual talk in public?
  • 4) How clean are the public roads, public buildings, private houses, etc.
  • 5) Punctuality in

                  National events

                  Public functions

                  Private meetings

                  Personal private lives.

  • 6) How error free are the printed books?
  • 7) How much does a nation value its literature?

      How much is she exposed to foreign literature, world literature?

  • 8) The measure of individual Liberty of

            The oppressed

            The young population 


            workers, etc.

  • 9) How reliable are the audited accounts?
  • 10) Rate the judiciary for fairness, legal acumen, and religious or other bias, corruption.

Rate the premier institutions that matter to democracy similarly.

  • 11) How broad is their religious belief in terms of the Unknowable?
  • 12) How much does the nation comply to the UN?                 

280)     When the social opinion becomes the individual opinion, the Individual is born.

Our theme is the subconscious society matures into the conscious Individual.

The society is the ocean.

The Individual is a wave.

All that there is in the society, the Individual can inherit.

This is the ascent.

In the descent, one Individual becomes several individuals till the whole society rises to the level of the pioneering Individual.

Thus society rises one further level.

Society advances layer by layer putting the pioneer ahead.

Opinion is an aspect of such a change.

Opinion is mental.

Even in the mind there are many more aspects such as thought, idea, preference, prejudice, habit, construction, memory, thinking, imagination, discrimination, decision and all the rest of the mental faculties.

This is equally true of all the vital, physical, spiritual and supramental faculties.

The habit of standing in a queue is a national trait among Europeans and Americans.

Books borrowed from a library are returned in time in those countries without a reminder.

Go to an Indian university student hostel. In any room there will be library books borrowed months earlier. These books will be compulsorily taken back when the student is leaving the university. Before his taking the degree, the authorities collect the books back. Go to the houses of teachers. Each teacher is allowed 20 tickets. There will be 20 books on his shelf borrowed any number of years before.

It is not yet a social habit for it to mature into an Individual habit.

No Indian will ever skip the morning bath.

It is an age-old habit ingrained in the very Individual.

In Europe for some strange reason doctors believed that a bath would reduce the lifespan. In the late 19th century opinions changed. One could not be a gentleman without a daily bath.

Even today bath for Westerners is occasional, not necessarily a daily bath.

It was said Karl Marx was not known to have taken a bath.

Louis XIV, the most powerful king of Europe was jocularly said to have had two baths in his lifetime -- one at his baptism and the other at his funeral.

These habits are seen in pronunciation.

The same word in any language is pronounced in 25 to 75 ways within its own borders.

Greetings, salutations change from country to country.

The same variations in the population with respect to various traits are seen.

Hospitality, emotional temperament, generosity, trust, suspicion, stinginess, integrity, courage, reliability, etc. are claimed by various nationalities, now called ethnic groups.

The fishermen community is known to have total reliability in returning borrowed money.

The Dutch and the Scots are frugal.

The Russians are emotional. The slaves are emotional.

The Italians are cheerful.

The French are reserved and proud.

Asians are lazy and unreliable in keeping their word of honour.

Individuality is the sum total of all these characteristics, values, temperaments, etc.

The American is known to get into the larger rhythm easily.

The Irish are cheerful, expansive, popular, and capable of local leadership.

story | by Dr. Radut