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194. Individuality

No two individuals carry the same fingerprint; the response to any situation is not the same for any two individuals. Each man is unique in what he is. The personality of the individual is Individuality. In less developed societies, men have more of the common character. In advanced cultures, individuality is better formed. Nothing achieves as Individuality.

For a talented, gifted Individual, the organisational common maximum is his minimum. The weakest link in the chain decides the maximum strength of it. Therefore, a wide organisation pulls down the performance of the capable one when he wants to conform to the generality. As the number of a select group in a big organisation becomes smaller, the level of achievement rises. The Individual achieves most, his very best, when he breaks out of the group. The genius performs as a genius, as he is not fettered either by the social norms or the conventions of any sect.

The scope of efficiency of Individuality is indicated by the scope of the genius in intelligence. So far, I am speaking about Individuality as a social phenomenon. A higher version of it is the Individuality of psychology. The musician, the artist, the poet emerge out the social milieu as psychologically developed individuals. Ours is a culture which values conformity to the group, to the family. That way, families and organisations will outperform others of the same kind. Teams of scientists working together do not emphasise Individuality.

Individuality is fostered and nourished by self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, self-awareness, privacy, independence, self-reliance, etc. What emerges in the Individual is the Spirit of the person or the Spirit of the capacity of the person. The Spirit I wish to evoke includes all facets of one's being, viz. the mind, the vital, the physical, the work, the past, the environment, etc.  It is a multifaceted entity that emerges in a particular situation to deliver a particular result, whereas it contains all.

story | by Dr. Radut