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130. Invisible Potentialities

All that we enjoy today by way of comfort and convenience has been invisible in our society of previous centuries. It is human ingenuity that made the invisible visible. The Divine Mother has said that the very bodies of the Indians are of light, while the bodies of the Westerners are dark.  If the bodies of all Indians are of light, surely the minds of many are much more so. When those who are open to the Spirit innately or by tradition or even by training are sincere in their inner personalities and refuse to be mercenary or selfish, they have that Spirit right under the surface. Only that they must know this for a fact and bring themselves to call it into play in their own daily lives.  

Hire-Purchase that was unknown to the Indian market thirty years ago except for bus and lorry, now has come to stay as a standard trade practice. It has filled the middle class homes with consumer durables. This was a hidden invisible potential in the sector of trade in the previous century. In fact, in this system, the shopkeeper plays the role of money lender. Now that the consumer as well as the shopkeeper knows its value, no one questions its validity.

There is another marketing mechanism only forty years old in the world that eliminates the distributor and retailer and offers a share of that income to the resourceful, dynamic consumer. This has a greater potential to offer to the entire society, but the society is still suspect. When it comes of age, no dynamic consumer will part with the income of a distributor and retailer.

India has seen since freedom the lowest class of people being raised to the highest professionals in the next generation. India which is a low income country, by invoking the Spirit, can become a high income country. If you are a clerk or a lawyer, what objection can you have for your sons becoming State governors and leading industrialists?  Would you try to invoke the Spirit?

story | by Dr. Radut