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119. Invocation of Spirit Makes Luck Possible

What we know as luck is the submerged Spirit surfacing. If luck is Poorvajanma punya unseen, Spirit is its power that we can now call. I have once listed arguments relating to luck and appropriate illustrations that number around 100 whose summary I wished to present here.
  • One moment when the Spirit surfaces is equal to several births in the physical body and its own mind.
  • Body works, vital energises, mind organises, while the Spirit abridges their time of centuries into years or even days.
  • Body works by movement, vital by energy and mind by thought, while Spirit acts by faith which precipitates results in a trice.
  • Luck is adrishta, not in view. Hence it is not under our control. Spirit is drishti. Therefore Spirit brings luck under our control.
  • Capable men are unlucky, as the external circumstances that are not under their control can torpedo their work.
  • All external circumstances are under the control of the Spirit.
  • Capacity is partial, faith is total.
  • One can plan an experiment in luck and see it is within one's capacity when he acts in the Spirit.
  • One who could not borrow a few hundred rupees in 1971 faced with the need to borrow Rs.5000/- tried his luck as an experiment. In the next half an hour, he got a gift of Rs. 5000/- unsolicited.
  • Good will for another is luck for oneself.
  • Capacity to wish that what he aspires for himself must come to him after another has received it, is directly luck for himself.
  • Capacity to be happy that another is lucky is better than pure good will for another.
  • Causeless JOY is greater than good will or happiness in another's luck. Remembrance of Mother is JOY without any cause.

story | by Dr. Radut