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Notes on Knowledge

  • Man has already acquired knowledge to some extent.
  • The process by which he has acquired it is the same process by which he will acquire the ultimate knowledge.
  • What is the knowledge he has acquired?
  • What is the process by which he has acquired it?
  • What is knowledge and what is not knowledge can be deduced from it.
  • "Knowledge is a power of consciousness. That consciousness has the power to realize what it perceives"
  • Man does not acquire knowledge for the purpose of destroying himself. He does it to make his life more comfortable, better informed.
  • The power by which he acquires knowledge is by shedding ignorance. How?
  • He sheds it by moving from senses to reason, by logic and reason he sheds superstition and prejudice. When you are logical your knowledge increases. Man has acquired knowledge by logic and reason. How?
  • He develops tools of knowledge - microscope,
  • He eliminate the ambiguity by measurement on a scale
  • Man has acquired K by logic, reason, scales, measures and tools
  • It becomes knowledge when he can realize it by means of tools and instruments.
  • He creates tools for self-upliftment not for self-destruction
  • Power is a function of what you are conscious of

story | by Dr. Radut