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142. Krishna's Flute

When the heart opens to the soul by its devotion, it hears the celestial music, known in India as venuganam, the music of Krishna's flute. A young unmarried lady, past marriageable age was endowed with that spiritual maturity in her heart. It is pure saintliness.  She was on the threshold of heavenly Bliss. Taking to any spiritual discipline, she would have blossomed into a Saint. She was not aware of her own inner endowment beyond the moments of ecstatic JOY given by the music of the spheres, nor was she spiritually inclined.

All that she needed was marriage. Born in an orthodox family with a retired father of a meagre pension, a complication presided over her life. Her elder sister married into another religion and deserted the family and later ended her own life under the stress. So, this girl decided against wedding and advocated  it as a policy to others. Still, she was undecided. When she began to meet one given to Spirit, she consulted him as to the wisdom of her decision. It was plain she desired marriage.

He took her to his centre where her heart melted and being dissolved so much that she even forgot her one passion in life - marriage. It was January. By lucky circumstances, the day of her visit happened to be her birthday according to the Tamil calendar. She was so ripe inwardly that no such visit was needed for such a tiny problem of marriage. She knew of no Spirit, no significance of birthdays when souls surface to take a fresh, higher birth.

She was married in the last week of March without any obstacle whatsoever. She mistook it to be the blessing of the person who had taken her to his centre and visited him after the wedding to seek his blessings! She was a blessed soul who could have become a saint or enjoyed a purely saintly life.

story | by Dr. Radut