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Introduction to Life

March 26,2007 

Life is a plane of existence which is ever present in the atmosphere. Life is understood as individual life or social life not conceived of as a plane. The truth is Life is not only a plane of existence, but is LIVE. It has its own characteristics. If you board a plane in London and offer a small help to an elderly man and reach Moscow the next day and are in need of a small help there, someone readily comes there to offer that to you. It is the personality of life. The Secret, when it says that the universe fulfils your aspiration, it means Life. Beyond Life lies the universe which is part of a wider Existence.

Life is a wide plane of which human beings - and other living beings - are concentrated individual spots. That is why Life responds to human ideas and wishes. As physical existence is a plane, vital existence is the life plane. And mind is part of the mental plane. This life is governed by some laws, which are, in truth, the laws of creation. Some of them are:

  • The plane of life is a continuum, not limited to certain points.
  • This plane is NOT inert; it is full of life, power, vigour, energy.
  • It is a formless movement of force.
  • It is not moral, but neutral.
  • It maintains an equilibrium as a sheet of water and, if disturbed, it restores the equilibrium at once.

What we call opportunity is the result of life restoring its equilibrium positively or creatively.

What we call tragedy is life's restoring its equilibrium negatively or destructively.

  • Life responds to human initiative.
  • Life can be made to Respond as we wish, when we know the laws by which this plane is in existence.
  • Life respects physical values like stability, strength, structure, etc. and not mental values like goodness, morality, loyalty, etc.
  • Man knowing his inner constitution can move his outer world by that knowledge.
  • Life exists as part of Mind and part of the body.
  • The plane of Life is a plane of organised harmony.
  • Life evolves by consciousness and consciousness evolves by organisation.
  • The life of the Individual, the social life, the life of Nature are part of this Life.
  • How life responds to human movements that are initiatives in Pride and Prejudice is discussed at length elsewhere.

The law of Life, being valid in general and particular, is unfailing in accomplishment.

  • There is NO waste in the operation of this law.

story | by Dr. Radut