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Life's Maximum is Mother's Minimum


                                                                                                            May 12, 1995

   It is a common occurrence that men rise and later slow down or level off. Contrary to this general phenome­non, we witness as a rare specimen one who rises continuously to the top or the top level.  

   Let us examine the process of that progress to the maximum level of life. Social, psychological levels of existence can be graded into a dozen or a few hundreds to suit our purposes. Each level of existence is governed by an organisation of forces and further splits within the level into three grades of low, middle and high. Man in each level grows from low to high by energy, effort, organisation that comes from experience as well as knowledge. The moment he reaches the saturation point at the maximum level, he ushers himself into the next level. Thus the progress moves on till he loses momentum due to lack of energy, incentive, or effort at organisation, all of which go under the name Urge. It is rational that many level off. It is equally possible to rational thought to conceive that the rare one never stops till he reaches the end.  

   The obvious difference between the slow majority and the quick moving specimen is he is able to release endless energy, organise it into the form required at the higher level, reach the maximum of that level and by further non-stop energy saturate it at that level.  

   Energy comes from constitution, motivation, incentive and an overcharged atmosphere in which the organism -- man -- finds itself. Can we go in for such a supply of limitless energy? People who move into a higher social bracket find the environment charged with an overflowing energy and are able to draw upon it. Man shifting to Mother's atmosphere finds himself so perched. By his aspiration, he can create  that atmosphere around him.  

   Granting that energy is available endlessly, he has to organise it to be the required tool for the level into which he has moved. Mostly it is the work of the thinking mind and its intelligence. This too can be done by Mother if Mother is invited into the mind in a way that Her organisation replaces our mental organi­sation which ordinarily means giving up our opinion, preferences, etc.  

   Moving to the maximum level of each layer is possible only by experience. Here too, experience in Moth­er's consciousness abridges time. The time needed for any level can be shortened while no level can be skipped.  

   The only questions that remain to be answered are 1) releasing non-stop great energies, 2) organising them into a higher system and 3) saturating the highest level of organisation in a short time.  

   Energy is released by physical work, vital enthusiasm and mental idea in an increasing scale. Beyond the Mind lies Spirit, Supermind and Mother. Replacing lower -- physical, etc. -- sources of energy by the higher -- spirit...Mother -- makes greater quantities of energy available.  

   Writing a few pages by hand can be drudgery while enthusiasm lightens the effort. Clear mental organisa­tion is known to abridge the time to half or even a tenth. Spiritual silence in the mind or patience can improve even the mental performance. When one who had been writing a book in a few months resorted to Moth­er's remembrance as a precondition to earlier mental writing, he found that he could finish his next book in ten days. So much energy can be supplied by moving our energy centre above.

    Life's organisation and the principles it follows are well-known. The strong succeeding, time wearing out, expenditure lessening the resources are the rules of life. By replacing life's organisation with Mother's organisation, the level of the organisation rises and the time needed is shortened. Mother's organisation is Mother's values. For instance, in a bargain we seek the best advantage. Mother's values demand we seek the best advantage of the other. By this a great new opportunity opens up and it moves the man quickly up. By replacing all the rules of life with values of Mother, man can abridge the time needed to move up within each layer as well as move to the next layer.  

   How to saturate the top level of each layer when we reach there so that it can quickly push us up? Satu­ration comes from greater energy than is needed. Also an energy of greater intensity quickly saturates.  

   By creating Mother's atmosphere in our environment, letting that higher energy infuse great strength into our work, replacing life rules by Mother's values thus raising the level of organised existence, letting MOTHER precede events, persons, thoughts which intensifies the existing energy, MAN can move to the top of the society once he sets himself on the path.

    In practice that path turns out to be as follows:-

1. Mother's atmosphere increases the frequency of experiences,

2. Mother's values enrich the organisation, widening its scope, and

3. Mother's Presence (preceding the event) intensifies the energy of that layer.

   To sum up, one who creates Her atmosphere, replaces life's rules by Mother's values and consecrates reaches the top of the society soon.  

   All these are the aspects of the positive side. For that to yield the full result, NEGATIVE impulses, traits, and values must be fully absent.

story | by Dr. Radut