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189. Longing for the Spirit

A man whose life ends in a spiritual centre or institution can look back and discover the invisible call of the Spirit for years until he finally arrived. In half the cases, there would have been active or conscious efforts to refuse the call. But the call prevails. Many seek it, respond to the call, and happily end at their destination. As elsewhere, people, rather souls, arrive at their spiritual destiny by all possible routes.

One of two intimate friends took to the path of the Spirit. Another who this man introduced pleaded for his intimate friend to be invited. The man refused. Four years later when that friend came to the same destination on his own, the topic was referred to. "Had you invited me, I would not have come" was the reply. Several leave the path several times to come back. A good number rush into Spirit and rush out.

There was one who had nothing in common with the Spirit. People wondered why she was here. She too said 'I do not know". She was a foreigner. Her visa got into trouble and was cancelled. Knowledgeable people saw it was 'she' who was in the way. She had to return to her country for five years. That which had kept her here without her knowledge awoke. It longed for the Touch now lost. The longing gave an opening to her inner being which felt the TOUCH even there. Never before had she felt that felicity. It came and stayed for two full days, making her feel the celestial joy which no earthly accomplishment can ever give. It was memorable.

Soon the circumstances changed. She left the suffocating atmosphere of her country and reentered the soil where she could breath peace. Nothing in her now contemplates a return to her native soil where amidst plenty there is no spiritual richness.

Each person is unique. Having experienced a rare elevation, she is now capable of refusing the opportunity to make it permanent or at least frequently recur. Perhaps she is able to value the Spiritual significance at a distance, at arm's length.

story | by Dr. Radut