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120. Love that Knows NO Failure

"I have loved since my birth but no one has loved me", is the complaint of a sore heart.

"I loved him genuinely for a long time, sought nothing but love in its purity. It is a pity he only loved my jewels and pretty face" is the voice of a wounded heart that is too pure to live on our muddy earth.

"My son is all to me. I would not miss seeing him for a few hours. Literally he was my all. It was a fulfillment for me for over 20 years to see him, to hear his voice. In fact, I contemplated anything on earth only with reference to him. He was the centre of existence and continues to be the sole centre of my pitiable existence. I could hardly believe that there was no affection in his heart for me. My wife points out that while away in the college the only letters he wrote were the ones for money. It never struck me then and even now, I do not wish to believe it. Not a day passed while he was away, either at the hostel or in the job, without my talking to him on the phone. My day would not be complete without my hearing his voice. Now, I am in my last days. He refuses to come and see me. I am in no physical condition to go and see him. Still I cannot bring myself to believe there is no love in his heart for me. What have I done to deserve this?"   This is the cry of a disillusioned heart which refuses to believe the hard fact that his son has no love for him.

Love is pure, and SELFLESS. It never fails. Go in and ask yourself how selfless your love is. If you need your husband's love or child's affection, is it selfless? It is selfish love and will always fail, as it has an axe to grind. Do you love your son for his joy? Are you fulfilled in his happiness? That is a superior love. Such a love knows no failure, as the Origin of Love is absence of failure - Ananda.

story | by Dr. Radut