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Creating a Model for Management Consulting


Our Aim: 

To unleash the hidden, untapped energies of the CEO, the people, the company, the system, the capital, the technology so that the finite mouse will become the infinite giant.


1) The founding principle must be restored to its full vigour.

2) The organisation must be energised by doing every act through a system. No act must be done without a system.

3) The components must be energised by balancing them.

4) The individual acts must be energised.

5) Accounting must become an organising tool.

6) The market must move towards us.

7) Technology releases its energy not so much by its excellence as its capacity to meet the needs of the customer.

8) The principle that each worker is a potential CEO must be seen by energising him.

9) Money, material, energy, time and space must be saved fully.

10) All this is inclusive in 'avoiding avoidable waste'.

11) Value implementation.


There is a line in Life Divine, 'Mind can force the brute matter into law and order'. The passage explains that matter is the creation of mind where mind forgets itself. Being its creation, it can force it, being light which is order, it can easily impose on matter which is darkness. That is the philosophic basis of systems.


Man evolves from matter to mind, from Level.7 to Level 3. Systems are evolved by Three. It gives it to Seven. Level 7 learns the skill of coordinating the movements like the cow that waddles. Even now you can see women who come from the village waddle. It is a primary coordination of  Seven which makes for balance and movement. Level 3 is enlightened from Level 1. The child born in a palace lives in an atmosphere of opulence - opulence is power sublimated and refined - and draws all its power for walking from there. Naturally, it is far more refined than the muscular power that is pressed down from the haystack on to the head of the rural girl which compels her to be steady and balanced. The princess grows in an atmosphere of art, culture and more such infinite attention and affection, all of which belong to Level 5,  Level 2 and other centres that are above Seven. The princess acquires grace in her gait from her mother and the atmosphere. She is never frightened, has no fear, hence no agility is required for self-defence. Any agility is needed by the alertness called for to pay affectionate attention to elders. She walks with grace. That is the difference between  Seven and  Three. Seven is the skill of the physical and Three is the organisation of the mind. Systems can be primary (seven), or sophisticated (three). Theoretically, systems make man move from physical to mental and can be infinitely refined.

Psychological Value:

Psychological means of the mind. To do any work with reference to thought, feeling and sentiment makes it psychological. 

story | by Dr. Radut