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326. The Mystery of Accomplishment

Birth is the first mystery of life while death is the second mystery, says Sri Aurobindo. What does not explain itself to us is a mystery. Sri Aurobindo says that for any act to come to pass, two things are necessary. The first thing is the consent of Jivatma and the second is the consent of Paramatma. Sri Aurobindo often in answer to questions about someone's death has said that one cannot die without his willing it. He may have consciously - in the surface mind - desired to live, but his subliminal would have opted to go. By accomplishment, I mean the accomplishment of any act.

To us the first employment, wedding, and foreign travel are important acts. But going to the office, getting drenched in rain, writing a letter are to us simple acts without significance. Theoretically, considering accomplishment, all these are of equal significance.  A public speaker excels himself on a particular day. A singer reaches her climax in a certain performance. One gets selected as the only candidate out of 1200. In the life of each of these individuals, these are landmarks. After the act is over, they may know, or they may think they know, how it was performed. None of us really know how. His knowledge, however perfect it is, cannot help him to repeat that performance. If it does, it means he knows. Can a man not know it? Mostly it is not given to man to know it.

An act is completed when Jivatma and Paramatma give their consent. For me to know it, he must know his Jivatma and know it as Paramtama. This siddhi is rare, even among Rishis. Those who so perform always say, "I do not know how it happened. Somehow it has come to pass." The Spirit we invoke in our life, the evolving Soul in us, the Psychic Being knows how the act came to pass. When we evoke the Spirit, at the first stage the work for which we call it will be completed. At that point we relax our effort, and lapse into our unconsciousness. For the Psychic to emerge, one has to persist through all the stages, maybe three or five stages. It is a rigorous yoga, generally not attempted by the householder, the devotee. The scientist who is searching for the Mystery of creation can persist in invoking the Spirit. If he succeeds, he will not merely know the success of a small act, but he will know the Mystery of creation as both are the same.

story | by Dr. Radut