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308. The Native Generosity of the Human Heart

The human heart is selfish, mean, perverse, etc. There is another side. It is generous, benevolent, compassionate, magnanimous, capable of the highest affection and love, and can exhibit a vast sense of responsibility. Only that we rarely see the right side and too often the wrong side. When we hear of the greatness of a great soul we admire him, but it will not touch our emotions. To see the same high qualities in ordinary people is a revelation of the human nature to us. I have referred to the behaviour of farm workers who, in response to a spiritual approach, came hours earlier and worked later than usual. The gain in work is secondary. To see that the Spirit evoked in the manager can bring about that result in the behaviour of labourers is of value.

People on the industrial front can report any number of instances of irrational behaviour. Once a manager offered an incentive to a worker who doubled his productivity. He soon found himself in trouble. All the workers joined together and demanded the same wage for their work. There was no arguing with them. That manager forgot once and for all any scheme of incentive to the workers. Customers order for Rs.50,000/- and send an advance of 3000/-. The factory produces it and he cancels the order. In one case the products were custom made. They could not be sold to others. He demanded the return of advance, forgetting the loss he created for the factory.

There was a small factory of five workers which was doing well. Due to various reasons money became SCARCE. All the five workers offered to resign. The manager did not know why, as their salaries were paid regularly. They explained, 'If we resign, our P.F. amount will be about 1 lakh or a little more. We all wish the company to utilize that amount to tide over the crisis." The manager could not conceive of such generous emotion and was moved to tears. He was not sure whether he was capable of that. I am not sure whether he saw the truth behind their good will. His invoking the Spirit had  not moved many other things he wanted to move. It moved their hearts, the GOOD WILL in their hearts. The Spirit's ways are many. They are beyond our conception.

story | by Dr. Radut