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Chapter 5d Levels of Values


                                                                                                July 3, 1996

1)      Energy matures into skill in the physical part of the plane.

2)      Emotional energy matures into attitude.

3)      Mental energy organises into opinion.

4)      Spiritual energy becomes values when it becomes a usable instrument.

5)      The organisation of energy passing through the physical, vital, mental, spiritual planes becomes skill, attitude, opinion and values.

6)      As elsewhere the higher includes the capacity of the lower in accomplishment.

7)      The values of the physical plane are operational values.

8)      The values of the vital plane are social values.

9)      The values of the mental plane are conceptual values.

10)    The values of the spiritual plane are known to us as values of life.

11)    Values make accomplishment perfect. Perfection is the contribution of values.

12)    Skill gives a product use value, attitude gives its use social value, opinion gives its social function conceptual value, while values give that product in its social life a perfection which opinion cannot give.

13)    Values are seen as workmanship in the product.

14)    Values upgrade skill as manifest workmanship.

15)    Attitudes are elevated to trust by values.

16)    Opinions rise to innovation by values entering the event.

17)    Cleanliness and orderliness are physical values.

18)    Punctuality, safety, pleasantness, etc. are vital values.

19)    Precision, definition, decision, etc. are mental values.

20)    Truthfulness, honesty, loyalty, faith, goodness, beauty, kindness, etc. are spiritual values.

21)    Values cannot be acquired without acquiring their previous elements such as skill etc.

22)    Exercise of values can enhance the level of accomplishment many times.

23)    In the descent, values acquire greater refinement.

24)    Values integrate at the spiritual level of each plane in the descent.

25)    Harmony is one of the final values that emerge at the level of the whole Being.

story | by Dr. Radut