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The Spiritual Basis of Money - Part 5

October 4, 2020
Mr. Garry Jacobs
  • Why everybody who comes to Mother doesn’t prosper?
  • Life is subconscious and is seeking to Divine manifestation without being aware of it.
  • Money is a material and social force - It's a small expression of the force of life getting organized to express in human life. Where does the power come from for Money?
  • Comparison of Life and Money: Life builds and sustains physical forms. Money creates a lot of forms.
  • Power of civilization involves the following steps: Consciousness - Observation - Knowledge - Skill - Human effort/energy is necessary to convert observation into results.
  • Mind emerging in life becoming consciousness created the power.
  • Historical creation of money - Example of Green revolution.
  • Social Power of Money and the relationship of human strength.
  • Civilization is the birth of consciousness by the application of the mind in life through social relationships.

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