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Self-giving, karma, gratitude, codes of conduct

April 22, 2021
Mr. Garry Jacobs

Mother’s Prayer Mar 30, 1917 -- The Divine gives all. Self-seeking and desire is humiliating and shows lack of self-respect. 

  • Gratitude
  • Law of sacrifice 
  • First law of Nature is desire  
  • Grow by giving

Can't Mother give everything without our asking or doing anything?

  • Why we need teacher guru avatar when Divine is within us

Fate and karma -- dissolving karma

  • No chance -- everything happens for our progress
  • Real story of the universe and its meaning is the best imaginable

Answering students’ difficult questions

Gratitude is not a human emotion.

  • Opening to Grace

Morality & codes of conduct 

  • Desire -- Authority -- Moral codes -- Divine Will


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