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Human Aspiration and Divine Will

August 3, 2021
Mr. Garry Jacobs
  1. How to increase aspiration. Differences between Mental, Vital, Physical, and Spiritual aspiration. Shifting from aspiration in nature to aspiration in the Soul. Agni as the sacred fire of divine aspiration deep behind the heart.
  2. Does aspiration depend on us or only on the divine aspiring deep within us? Human effort is essential from our part until we surrender to the Divine Mother and from there She takes over the whole yoga. The effort required is aspiration-rejection-surrender. Aspiration here refers to aspiration for the divine (truth, goodness, delight, love, peace, purity, surrender, sincerity) in the surface consciousness, mind, heart, and life since the true spiritual aspiration is buried deep inside behind a veil. Rejection means rejecting all the ignorance movements of the surface being and throwing them on the fire of aspiration to purify nature so the psychic can awaken and come forward.

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