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Acting on Faith

October 29, 2020
Mr. Garry Jacobs
  • Falsehood in doubt
  • Ego’s view is not the reality.
  • We judge by appearances because of mind’s multi-dimensional ignorance.
  • We should doubt where our ego, emotions and interests are involved.
  • We discard the facts when they are inconsistent with our preferences.
  • Knowledge can only come by a capacity to discriminate true from false.
  • The way to get at truth is to raise our consciousness.
  • Faith is a spiritual power.
  • Faith in its purity is divine. Purity raises anything to be divine.
  • Faith is the reflection of the knowledge of the spirit.
  • Spirituality teaches one to seek the truth himself/herself.
  • One should not be satisfied until the truth becomes self-evident revelation to oneself.
  • Physical is only a manifestation of the spirit.

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