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Ego & Reactions

August 6, 2020
Mr. Garry Jacobs

 If we are not able to act without ego, is it better to not act at all?

  • Unless we are conscious of the psychic, all our acts would have a touch of our ego.

How do we use our mind to overcome our mind?

  • Knowledge of its limitations makes Mind conscious
  • Dualities are elements of a greater reality.
  • Movement of Mind into a higher consciousness
  • There is nothing that Mind can know, that cannot be known better in the silence of the Mind.

What makes an act an act of the ego?

  • Attachment to the result
  • Absorbed in oneself

Effort to move away from the ego

  • Simple Principle - Taking the other person’s point of view
  • Every situation is an opportunity to make a progress
  • Doing it for the Divine
  • Infinite Perfection is an expression of the Absolute
  • In whatever work you do, express the highest values you are capable of
  • Example from ‘Dr.Thorne’ by Antony Trollope


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