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Discussion on 'Appa's service to Mother and the world'

August 16, 2020
Mr. Garry Jacobs
  • Appa wanted to pass on his leadership capacity to people, Appa introduced Offerings - Spiritual Service, Appa wanted to be of monetary service to Mother, Pundit’s 50th birthday - Appa’s effort in collecting offering, Mother’s centenary - Appa’s arrangement to offer 100 rose garlands, Offering to the Ashram kept coming through the people of TamilNadu
  • Appa’s 3rd contribution - Consecration, Appa’s paper on Consecration is his diary - How he related to Mother in life, in work, Appa’s original work on Consciousness approach to management, Manibhai Patel’s labor strike, Appa’s work on formulating principles of management, Basic unit of management - the act, Applying Principles of management at Mother’s estates
  • Fred comes to India to meet Appa, Fred accepts Garry’s version of the book requesting American examples, Garry rewrites the book with American examples and Appa sends Garry to Bombay to get management consulting, Appa formulated original management principles from Mother and Sri Aurobindo 
  • SPIC Project, Project with TATA, 1000 crore Project - Converting Coal into Oil, Reasons for unfulfilled projects, Appa has given us Power, Motive, Methods, Appa’s advice to Michael on Teaching English Literature, Appa’s note on popular literature, good literature, great literature, Appa explains the Character of Life through Hamlet, Appa worked out the principles of Life Response, Appa and Garry write papers from Shakespear’s works
  • Appa created a whole new field in the Indian perspective of Life, Work with Tamil University, Work with novelist Jayakanthan, Success at Ramapuram leads to Village adoption scheme - a consecrated act multiplies infinitely
  • Appa’s paper on National Consciousness, Appa’s original work on Laws and Theory of Social Development, World Academy’s delegates were invited to Chennai to talk about the theory of social development, Meeting with MS Swaminathan, Meeting with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Appa’s token act scales globally, Appa, like Sri Aurobindo, came to change the world

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