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503. Pure Courage

Pure courage is spiritual. Anything in its pristine purity is Spiritual. The military life demands obedience. Obedience is a way of life in the discipline of the military. Reading about the experiences of men who served in the army as generals, officers or foot soldiers, one marvels at the measure of obedience they offered. Nations fought for their liberty and men laid down their lives in defence of the motherland with the joy of pride in dying for their countries. Spiritual courage is at the pinnacle of human life. Courage has its versions. Mental courage emerges in courage of conviction as seen in the life of Copernicus. Physical courage is of the muscles. The soldier's courage is spiritual courage emanating from the vital. It is vital courage releasing its spiritual content.

Anything Spiritual grows at all times and knows no decay. There are people who are bold upto a point and give in beyond that. It is human boldness that has its limit, or sets its own limit. Human intelligence too exhibits the same trait. Spiritual intelligence has the capacity to grow beyond its perceived limits when faced with an insoluble problem. The greater the challenge, the greater will be its resourcefulness. In the genius we find this feature. Spiritual courage is one that cannot be intimidated. It is pure courage. It grows by being challenged. It draws strength from the person who challenges it. Vali had a boon that when anyone opposed him, half the enemy's strength would pass on to him. It would always ensure that he was in a stronger position. Rama had to oppose him by not confronting him directly lest half the strength of the avatar would reach his opponent. It is said love can only give and not receive. It is so because love grows by giving. How then can it receive?

In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Darcy was in love with Elizabeth. To her, he was a bitter pill, one whose pride was unpardonable and unbecoming. He was in love with her to distraction. She never knew it, nor would she have cared if she knew. While she was playing the piano to his cousin Fitzwilliams, Darcy managed to station himself behind her and looked at her with ardent admiration. She noticed it and asked his cousin what Darcy meant by staring at her. On this comment, Darcy moved before the piano and stood there having a full view of her. It further provoked her. She said, "What does Darcy mean by this intimidating posture. If he means to threaten me, let him know that my courage rises when challenged." He was pleased by her talk and was left untouched by her chagrin. It is that rising courage of hers that shone in her fine eyes, which made him an eternal slave of love to her. Anything Spiritual can only grow, do whatever you like.

story | by Dr. Radut