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505. Ultimate Source of Prosperity

The developed countries of today are almost all democratic nations. The world is discovering that economic backwardness has its origin in political backwardness.  Conversely, as prosperity rises, the chances of stable democracy are greater. When per capita income crosses $6000, studies say, there is little chance for democracy to slip back to dictatorship. Prosperity and political enlightenment are complementary. The crime rate decreases as levels of prosperity increase. Even divorce rates markedly show a decline as income rises. It is true of drug abuse, violence, epidemic diseases, inner emptiness, etc. It is further correlated with the level of education. Education, prosperity, political awareness go together. Which is the cause and which is the effect is another topic.

British historian Paul Johnson recently wrote a similar diagnosis about Indian prosperity. He traces it to religious influence. Religious dogmatism, religious tolerance are studied in the light of prosperity. Johnson has concluded that the recent rise in Indian prosperity is due to her religious influence. He says the Hindu religion is long known for its tolerant attitude. Hinduisms has not launched proselytising missions, nor has it an organised church. Sri Aurobindo calls the Indian religion not Hinduism, but Sanatana Dharma. Its basis is Brahman. Our belief is the world was created by Ananda, it lives in Ananda, and returns to Ananda. Philosophically, Ananda is subjective and its objective status is Freedom. Thus, the Indian religion is based essentially on Freedom. To Johnson, it is tolerance. He who has tasted freedom tends to allow freedom to others, which is tolerance.

The case of Indian prosperity has thus acquired one more arrow in its quiver. I wrote about a recent study that said India's increasing population is no longer a curse but an asset. On that score alone, in 2050 AD India will be the third largest economy in the world. I have been saying the foundation of prosperity is Spirit and therefore India's efforts at prosperity will be more fulfilled than any of us can anticipate. Today the world is ruled by scientific thought. Scientists are the most respected cross section of the world's population. India's claim to original scientific thought far outweighs the latest scientific thought. It goes beyond Newton and Einstein. The Indian scientific community should wake up to that reality and render science a tool of Prosperity in a fashion the wide population can directly benefit from.

story | by Dr. Radut