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509. Spiritual Opulence

Indian sages discovered the Infinite Brahman and devised various yogic disciplines to reach him. The main condition was to give up life. Sri Aurobindo was shown by Swami Vivekananda that that Infinite Brahman can descend on human life. In a world where rationality is not yet the ruling force, Sri Aurobindo saw that Man can evolve into the next species, the Supramental Being, if twelve yogis attained the supramental consciousness. In their absence, He decided to achieve that goal by working in the subtle plane. He left the body in 1950 and achieved His goal in 1956. The Divine Mother continued His work and reached further spiritual heights.

Sri Aurobindo added a new dimension to yoga: the Infinite Force above can descend into our finite life and flower as Spiritual Prosperity, which includes material abundance. Yoga is not for all, but the yogic force is available to all for progress in life. One who invokes this Force can witness his life endlessly expanding until he himself stops it. What the West has achieved in the last 500 years using the power of Mind, Indians can achieve in a very short time if they know how to express the Spiritual Power in daily life.

As an introduction to their Integral Yoga, this book, Spiritual Opulence, summarises 2000 pages of Sri Aurobindo's writings, offering theoretical explanations as well as the experiences of innumerable devotees. The last chapter suggests a Token Experiment. For Indians who have not given up their spiritual heritage and Westernised their minds, this experiment will reveal the above spiritual Truth as an endless expansion in their lives. The essential condition is utter Truthfulness. 

The book's main aim is to reveal to the public the existence of this Force. I offer several arguments and facts to substantiate it, but wish the reader to rely on his own personal experience. In that sense, this book is written to explain the token experiment described in the last chapter. Though the Experiment will be a complete success if conducted on the lines suggested, a fuller appreciation of its implications is possible only when we know the yogic foundation on which it rests. Integral Yoga is therefore explained in its essentials briefly in the previous chapter. Knowing how much the yogic principles are alien to our daily life, I suggest in two places that one can skip that chapter on yoga. Every reader can see the reality of this Force in his own domestic life. That reality is its capacity to unleash the infinite from the finite. For the ordinary man it means that his own ordinary life will soar high. I wrote this book on the kind suggestion of Dr. K. Venkatasubramanian who extended his kindness by offering to have it printed.

story | by Dr. Radut