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522. Origin of Life

We Indians believe in astrology. The Westerner believes in the doctor. A rich industrialist had hired an astrologer permanently to take care of his moves. His elder brother who was an M.P. who had made his horoscope was also a serious believer in astrology. The industrialist found that his horoscope had been drawn up in his young age. It stretched up to age sixty and stopped. At the age of sixty, he suddenly awoke to the unspoken fact that his life might end at sixty. It was a shocking revelation. On the suggestion of a partner, he reached Pondicherry and reluctantly invoked the Spirit. That was fourteen years ago. The Spirit can extend the life granted to him by his karma.

At the age of 21, a young scientist in London, finding several disabilities developing in him, went to the doctor. He was tested in various ways for seven days. The doctor asked him to go back to his research for Ph.D. He told the father of the boy that he was suffering form ALS, a wasting disease that destroys the nerves and life might not permit him to complete his Ph.D.  Around this time, the young scholar met a girl who came to his place along with his friends. In time, the young scientist came to know the fact about his ailment and shut himself up, drinking very much. He could not freely move, or speak as fluently as before. Life had been cruel to him, but the girl had been kind to him as she agreed to marry him. She gave something to live for more than the cosmology to which he was dedicated. Why a young girl would wish to marry a person who would live only for a couple of more years, is one of the mysteries of life.

The scientist lived beyond the three years the doctor allowed him, had three children and in later life became famous, as famous as Einstein and Newton. His books sold more than ten million copies. His will power, his love of his wife defied the doctor's prediction. He is now 64, having outlived his disease, though the disease continued to erode his health. In his cosmology he is looking for the ultimate truth in life. In his words, he is seeking a unified theory which will determine his actions. This is Hawking. In practice, he has found the answer to his quest. Life has given him the result he is looking for, but he does not know he has got the result. He says he is baffled by women. Even this lady left him after 25 years of marriage. He married again. His first marriage, the love of his first wife gave him life for over thirty years which was denied to him by the scientific knowledge of his doctor. The answer to the theory of the whole - matter and consciousness - Hawking is looking for, lies in his prolonged life, the ability of LOVE to prolong a life.

story | by Dr. Radut