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525. Success of Idealism

Realism is for life. Idealism is for our adoration. Idealism never succeeds in life. The world has not thrown up a practical idealist who is a success. Our tradition is to shun life. Therefore, our lives are poor. Christians know they have only one life. Therefore, they have developed the work ethic. They do not shun life. They are materially successful. It may be one of many reasons for their success; but it is one contributing to success. It is also true, that in spite of shunning life, there were long periods - centuries - of affluence in India. Today, India is emerging from poverty in a small way. Poverty is very real still. In spite of their capacity and efficiency, patriots who are dedicated to Bharat Mata will find their lives are ones of dismal failure, even though there are opportunities all around - a true reflection of Mother India.

Should I despair or be happy? Shall I congratulate myself on being a true child of Bharat Mata? In practice, it is a crushing burden. You may have vast lands. They will yield no income. You may have an earning company. No money will come home. You may have great ideas that can shake the entire world, but no one will listen to you. Does it mean the Time has not come? Maybe it is true, but Mother says we can make Time come. When we take the steps that are appropriate, Mother completes the rest. To acquire a physical skill such as acquiring a nice handwriting is difficult, but possible. To acquire the capacity to understand a book being mental is more difficult than acquiring handwriting, a physical skill. India is poor. That is true. She has Spirit. It is equally true. Indian prosperity is not to come by the same route as in the West.

Indian prosperity is to come quickly and abundantly by her Spirit expressing in life.  No skill or capacity is enough for that. It needs a Patience that is Equality through which the spiritual power has to emerge as an organisation of production. Some pioneer has to accomplish it first, for the country to imitate. If your heart beats in unison with that of Bharat Mata, you can be that pioneer. If so, instead of despairing, you must congratulate yourself on facing this Himalayan difficulty, in spite of several opportunities. Life is not crushing you. You are organising your life on behalf of India. Hence the weight. Be patient and calm. Idealism too will soon become a success.

story | by Dr. Radut