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526. The Unfailing Failure

Failure is as common as success. In a poor society, it is more common.  In upper middle class families, we rarely come across children who are not graduates. Failure there is failure to reach a mark in the profession. In the lower middle class families, most do not complete a degree. One or two do. In the well-to-do families sometimes children decide NOT to exert themselves and live by their existing resources or reputation. Especially sons-in-law play that role. One father-in-law established his eldest son-in-law in six successive ventures. All failed. Finally, he turned him out. He went out to seek outside help and quickly rose. He now betrayed those who had helped him and crashed. There he is as a symbol of unfailing Failure.

By the time people cross the age of thirty, they quickly discover that no real help comes from outside family and friends. That is in affectionate families and good idealistic friends. There are other situations in life. A man fails to complete his MBBS course, discontinues in the third year. No family can help him. Friends can offer sympathy but cannot materially help. There are unspeakable tragedies in life, financial, social where no one can help. Sometimes someone around us will be in a position to help but will refuse. They take that occasion to laugh at the fallen man.  Every man who tries to rise in life knows the phenomenon of close relatives or friends desiring him to fail. They even speak among themselves, "I want him to be ruined. That is an occasion for me to celebrate." The response of people depends upon various factors, but the Force, the Spirit, always helps, helps without fail. Those who want to bring us the Force never tire of helping. Their Patience is endless, as FORCE is Patience incarnate.

There are people who are determined to defeat the Force or Spirit. A certain way of life brought them to a dead end. They hear of Mother, Spirit, Force or someone takes interest to bring them what they cannot avail of. There is a dramatic change in their pathetic situation. All the difficulties are over for the moment. As soon as they are relieved, the very first thing they do is to go back to their old habits that undid them, such as anger, stinginess, clumsiness, assertion, deceit, lying, etc. Now their wail is greater still. "My lord, what a pass I have come to. Why is life cruel to me?"  Life is not cruel to them. They refuse to learn. With a vengeance, they go back to their ways that ruined them. Life, Force, Spirit, Mother at these moments await patiently until they learn on their own. The proverb of not being able to make the horse drink is too true.

story | by Dr. Radut