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527. Computer

Those who are sitting at the computer know all the steps needed for opening it and the series of steps needed to close it. We see children of 5 or 6 opening the instrument and using it very well. We also see adults unable to open or shut it properly as the manual requires. Even if it is improperly shut down, the computer still works, but it chooses different paths, it acquires a temperament. This is true of all walks of life, but computer is new. There it can be readily seen, not in our old ways of life such as shopping. The computer does not like one single step to be overlooked, though it still works at a lesser efficiency.  No act of life enjoys one such step being overlooked, though life goes on. Connoisseurs of coffee will detect the least flaw in making coffee.

To make excellent coffee, the milk, decoction and sugar in the right quantities must be added in one attempt. By adding the milk twice or thrice, we can have coffee, not the best of flavours. Negotiations are successful not by a series of adjustments, but by the very first proposal. What brings a negotiation to a successful conclusion is the honesty of intentions, not the capacity to bargain. A negotiation is a bargain. Still, it does not relish bargaining. This appears to be a contradiction. One may bargain on the inessentials, not in the central essence. The central essence is determined by SINCERITY. Every field of life is imperfect. There is a perfection in the imperfect. It is the maximum possible in the given situation. It is brought about by sincerity of purpose. Whether it is in life or literature, this is true.

This is the clue of meteoric rise, the infinite emerging out of the finite. To rise non-stop to the end of the greasy pole that life is, to accomplish in a great measure, one should be utterly sincere in work and exhaust all his energies without sparing a single drop. The moment that last drop is spent sincerely, one finds himself rising. Machines insist on quality handling. Food reveals its taste by such an attitude. Friendship matures into love at the touch of that honesty. Marriage becomes an infinite field for eternal Romance when sincerity of purpose seeks expression. Computer is an adept in teaching us this value in life. It works, delivers its goods however you handle it, but it offers you its best performance and raises your skill constantly, if you do not miss one instruction given.

story | by Dr. Radut