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530. The Healer

There was a French peasant who discovered that his hands had healing powers.  He would put his hand on the ailing part of someone's body, and the disease was cured.  Soon he was known all over France and a large number of people came to him and were healed.  Perhaps he was fortunate that the French government had not taken notice of him.  In Germany a similar healer who had cured the diseases of half a million people was locked up on the plea he had no certificate from the German Medical Council.  This French healer heard of The Mother and wrote to her expressing a wish to come and see Her.  To Westerners it is an interview; to the Indian it is darsan.  Mother was pleased by his letter and She spoke to the sadhaks about the arrival of the healer.  He came and had a darsan of the Mother.

The Spiritual energy of the Mother is strong and intense and is inexhaustible. A tall handsome sannyasi came to the Ashram. Everyone was struck by his person and the brightness of his face that expressed the tejas of his tapas.  He stood before Mother for a few seconds and averted his eyes as if She were too much for him. There was a rich landlord who was working with me as a teacher. Of all the people I knew, he was the one who had the strongest nerves. He carried the aura of wealth.  On his birthday June 5, I took him to Mother.  On one's birthday, one is supposed to be most receptive. Mother generally disposed of devotees who came to Her for birthday blessings in one or two seconds. She looked at this teacher for more than a few seconds.  His jaw began to shake and was rhythmically making a noise as if sending a Morse code. The Mother's look was held by the French healer for several minutes and She stayed gazing at him for twenty minutes.  Even after that, the receptivity of the healer was not exhausted.  Mother said he was the one who received most from her.  He stayed here for some time and left.

Some doctors have this healing touch.  If one joins his hands and finds energy passing through, he is one who has the healing touch.  People who take to pranayama in the serious sense of the word and continue to do so for five full years will develop healing powers.  Their very presence will carry the healing touch. Such persons are designated as Rasi doctors.  A devotee was overworked.  His job required standing all day.  He could not do so for a week.  Indigestion developed.  There was a burning sensation in the head.  One night after dinner he was talking to a friend casually and saw energy coming into him from the other. His indigestion was no longer there, nor the pain in the calf muscles.  Devotees of Mother usually carry Her atmosphere that has healing power. Sometimes it is found marked in someone.  Usually one is unaware of possessing such powers.  

story | by Dr. Radut