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531. Significance of Speech

Speech is an instrument of communication.  It serves several other purposes. Those who are overflowing with energy find speech as an outlet.  When they meet others, they start talking without a topic, without an invitation or without any intention.  To them, talking is a means of relaxation.  Maybe you have the experience of one such person continuing to talk even after the listener has left.  A person like that called on me.  He is the owner of a dye factory.  On seeing him, I geared myself for a long exercise in Patience.  His first word was, "I am NOT one who throws himself out in words."  I was speechless in utter astonishment of human obliviousness.  He was subconsciously aware of his endless speech. Again his subconscious wanted him to curb his speech. Hence this extraordinary pronouncement.  At bottom, Man wants to be civilised.  It stops at his subconscious awareness.  Maybe he will control his vociferous speech when that awareness rises to his conscious mind.

The foremost champion of Human Rights just now is USA.  People all over the world are willing to concede that title to America.  Yet it is a nation that annihilated millions of the native Indian population.  Here the subconscious awareness of what their ancestors had done rises as guilt consciousness and reverses its role to champion the cause of all those who have lost some of their rights.  Speech is a vehicle for the subconscious awareness of any type. The UN advocates the cause of democracy. Whenever a democracy falls to dictatorship, the UN disapproves. The world looks up to the UN to support democratic claims.  Organisationally, today the UN is the best organised forum to advance the cause of democracy in the arena of international politics. But it is constituted on an undemocratic basis, a basis of Veto.

The UN General Assembly can only advise the Security Council; their decisions are not binding on the Security Council.  Language enables man to conceal his thoughts, said a great writer.  In many contexts, speech serves any purpose other than communicating the thoughts of the Mind.  Not only speech has this inversion. All our senses undergo such inversions. Man's civilised life is not constituted to be straight or TRUE, while in Spirit all these inversions and perversions dissolve. To consciously endeavour to dissolve the distortions of Personality is one effective way of helping the Spirit to emerge. Going after the Spirit in life, one sees he is straightened inside and outside.

story | by Dr. Radut