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541. Haemoglobin Capsules

It was late seventies. An elderly lady was admitted to a hospital for treatment of diabetes. Contrary to the expectation of the doctors, she survived, in spite of the fatal turn the disease took. Her son was a small sale industrialist who was close to all of us in the Society. Our American friends spoke to him about some medicinal compounds known as haemoglobin capsules which could revive his mother much faster. They were not on the market for anyone to buy. There were procedures. One American offered to secure them for the lady, as he could arrange for the compliance of those medical procedures. The medicine itself was to be brought in some special container that preserved its purity, maintaining the lab temperature. So many things fell into place and in a week, the precious medicine was flown to Madras. Its administration quickly revived the patient in a fuller measure. It was done as an act of friendship.

A year later, she again had a lapse and again recovered. This time the recovery was gradual. The doctors asked the son of the patient whether he could again procure the capsules. He called his American friend and having narrated the developments, asked for the capsules again. He readily suggested that he would pay for them this time and it would be a help if they could be procured. The American asked him whether he was standing or sitting. He said, "Please sit down if you are standing. I have no objection to oblige you, but the capsules are expensive." The devoted son had no idea that those four capsules would cost more than the entire treatment of a month. They cost Rs. 5000/-. The son preferred that his mother recover gradually. Medicines are powerful, but often they are out of our financial reach.

In our mundane world, services are paid for. In the Indian tradition, the greatest of services were rendered free. The Force that I speak of or those who carry this Force silently render invaluable service to those who need it direly, often without their knowledge. Mother says the greatest of victories are not announced by the beat of drums. This is the daily experience of devotees. We do not feel the Presence of this Force in the atmosphere, as we see a wonder drug in action. Nor do we recognise it when it drops the marvellous results into our lap. We are oblivious. Mother says it is Grace even when we have fallen flat on the ground. It is hard to see the Grace in action when we so stumble. Surely we can see Grace in action when beneficial results flow to us on our prayer. They are more beneficial when we do not pray. To recognise Grace is to be aware of God's Presence.

story | by Dr. Radut