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561. Catching up with the Pioneer

People believe it is a natural law that some are ahead of others. It is true. When we come to another way of life, it is mostly true, admitting another truth also. It is true the pioneer is ahead, but it is not true that the gap is ever present. Founders of great companies are often thrown out by a subsequent board. This is a modern experience, as we saw in Apple, the computer pioneer. That the founder is a great personality is true in one aspect the company requires. As the company grows supported by the dynamic society, the founder is unable to keep pace and is thrown out. Every generation is ahead of the previous generation. Modern scientists have gone ahead of Newton and Einstein, but it does not mean they are greater minds. For a time Japan could overtake all the West, though they only imitated the West or emulated the pioneer. Always there is more than meets the eye. There is a Silence behind Silence.

The pioneer works wonders physically, breaking new ground. The followers work mentally, a plane of far greater efficiency. Hence the emulators can always overtake the pioneer. The physical plane itself has an enormous unused efficiency. Even the pioneer taps only a little bit. These potentials arise during emergencies like wartime. It takes 196 days for the American efficiency to build a ship. In the military everything is urgent. Once a three-month repair job was done in 48 hours, an increase of efficiency of 45 times. During war, the 196 days of shipbuilding was reduced to 10.3 hours, over 400 times more efficient. The physical efficiency has a limit. One cannot build a house in one day employing a thousand people. Limits are there. That efficiency admits of 45 times or 400-fold multiplication. It means, at that speed India can be in one year what would otherwise take 45 years or 400 years. This is physical efficiency.

We see mental efficiency in the telegraph. Days and months are abridged into one hour or one minute, perhaps more than four hundred times. All the Scientific advancements are mental achievements in the physical. Because it is physically useful, we admire science. In the computer and Internet, the physical efficiency is raised to mental effectivity. Spirit lies beyond. We see Spirit answering in a trice more fully than any other method. But we are unable to use the Internet in all walks of life, though the methods are available. We wonder whether Spirit can be made to work in the physical. Are we willing to exhaust the mental efficiency before moving to the spiritual? If such aspiration is there, one's income will move up by ten times. When it has so moved, do we SEE it is the MIND that works? If so, do we know how our own MIND has worked successfully here?

story | by Dr. Radut