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729. The Royal Rival

Raoul was the son of Duke Athos. He was born outside wedlock to an unmarried Duchess. Athos managed to take his lover from France to Italy where the son was born. He took his son to his dukedom and centred his entire life on the son's joy. The son was ignorant of the circumstances of his birth. Raoul passionately fell in love with Louise, the daughter of a neighbouring nobleman. Louise later became one of the twelve ladies in attendance on the King's brother's wife. Louise was Raoul's all. He lived for her, lived in her. There was no Raoul without Louise. Raoul too entered the Royal service. Louise loved him, but not as passionately as he loved her. Now the king directed his own royal attention to Louise to which she happily responded. Coming to know of this development, Raoul was heartbroken. To forget himself, he joined the army, and volunteered to go to the battlefront. There he walked into the arms of danger and was killed at a very early age.

His love was a passion. It was a noble sentiment. The girl returned his love, though not an intensely as he loved. Life, instead of honouring his sentiments and consummating his love in matrimony presented a rival in the person of the King. What could a poor mortal do against a Royal Rival? Raoul's tragedy was not so much the Royal Rival as Louise's happily changing to the King from Raoul. That broke his heart. Life is cruel, but life acts according to its own rules. It is true Raoul's love was one of intense passion, but it was not so much the passion of his heart as the emotion of his complex, that he was motherless. He did not know his mother was a misfortune of his life. That complex turned into a passion for Louise. Raoul's passion did not spring from the purest sources of love, man's love for a woman. For this reason, life chose not to consummate it but divert it, disappointing Raoul.

We call such occurrences destiny or fate. The laws of life on such occasions are inexorable. Not so with The Mother. A devotee of The Mother in such a predicament need not become a victim to his own complex which we call karma. Devotion to Mother dissolves the complex, takes his emotions to the origins of his Personality where he discovers his own depths of love. Karma will be wiped out by Mother's Force, if he accepts Mother at that depth. Then the complex-ridden passion can change into human emotion of the size of his Personality. If his own heart is capable of Love, Love emanates from it. The Royal Rival is formidable to face. The Divine changes the circumstances and the heart is rewarded with what it truly deserves. Once you come to Mother, no obstacle is too great to overcome. Even Royalty is no bar.

story | by Dr. Radut