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761. Days are Years

When the Pandavas were sent to the forest for 12 years and one more year of incognito added, the Mahabharata tells us through Krishna and Bhishma an eternal truth. That truth is Man is greater than Time. Krishna on the 13th day in the forest suggested to Yudhisthira that they return and claim the kingdom, as according to another calendar, one day is equal to one year. At the palace Bhishma voiced the same idea. They had the knowledge that one day and one year are equal. Nothing came out of it. In the cosmic creation, Time precedes Mind or they are simultaneously born. Even in that simultaneity, there is an order of precedence, as in the birth of twins. Time is elder to the Mind. Both are born out of Consciousness which is originally Being. Man in his depths is that Being. Therefore, if Man goes into himself to the depth of his Being, he has the power to abridge 365 days into one day.

In one of the last chapters of The Life Divine Sri Aurobindo speaks of this power and explains how to accomplish it. The Vedas speak of this also. Man is capable of shifting from outside inside. Then ages turn into a moment. He calls this Instantaneous Miraculousness. In my book Spiritual Opulence, I mention this power as a part of a Token Experiment. One can have a taste of it. Here is an email of someone who made an experiment, touching upon this idea. "I had to download some big files needing three full days as my line speed is only 48 broadband was not complaint did not go through...I decided not to complain and read a book on The Life Divine...My Internet connection started working, but its behaviour was strange...Now its speed was 2000 kbps, fifty times faster. In 90 minutes, three days work was over." There is a power in not complaining. There is a power in The Life Divine. There is no power in the universe our Rishis did not know. They availed of some. Others they could not.

In February 1956 a Power has come down on earth and has saturated the atmosphere of the earth. It is the subtle power of Supermind. It came down on earth as a flood of golden light. Tamas from the earth rose up and swallowed the best part of it. Still, its descent continues. It is getting organised in the subtle atmosphere on earth. The governments have come under its guidance since 1967. It is this power that defused the Cuban Crisis and made the Chinese go back. The forces of Darkness are still strong, hence the disorder and chaos. Sri Aurobindo said that this power was due 30,000 years later. Had he a hundred sadhaks or twelve yogis, He hoped to bring it down during His lifetime. It came into His own body in 1934. The Golden Light poured into His body after December 5th, 1950, when He attained Samadhi. It stayed for three days. Mother explained how it was in 1969. After that, we do not know how it is. But we can experience it in our souls. If not in our souls, we can receive it in our lives as luck or in our bodies as health. The letter speaks of one unconscious movement bringing that Force into his Internet connection, raising the speed of downloading to fifty times. It is a touch of Infinity.

story | by Dr. Radut