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779. Significance of Money

Everyone knows the significance of Money. The spiritual significance of money is not so well known. At least in our country, spirituality is the antithesis of money. Generally no spirituality is associated with money. But only rich ashrams, Muths, etc. are popular. They are popular because of their wealth, not in spite of it. Initially, the ways of earning money and a spiritual inner disposition were completely at variance. One sees the mind that seeks money cannot also seek the Spirit. Soon he ratifies the popular sentiment that Mammon is not to be worshipped. If sarvam Brahman is true, how can we make an exception to money? Is money evil? Does sarvam Brahman say that evil too is Brahman?

Santanu's sons died leaving no heir to the throne. Satyavati's initiative brought Vyasa into the picture. Her injunction to her son Vyasa brought blind Dhritharashtra and pale Pandu to life. Vidura was born to a maid, not to the princess. Being the son of Vyasa, Vidura enjoyed native wisdom not found in the other two children. He was not even impetuous like Pandu or carried a curse on him. In the court, Vidura was the Prime Minister, Mahamantri. He advised the crown not only on matters worldly, but on exalted spiritual issues. The court was amazed at his fund of knowledge. Even Bhishma sought his advice. In the Kaurava's royal court, Vidura was the last word on dharma. The king implicitly took his words of wisdom for a divine law and acted on it whenever it did not cross his own sensitivities.

There are certain eternal questions around each epic unresolved. There may be varied opinions expressed over the centuries but they are issues not fully resolved in the emotions of the reader. One such question is, "How could the wise Vidura not save Draupadi's honour? Why was he powerless against Duryodhana? How could he permit Yudhisthira to play the game of dice?"  We know all the answers so far advanced. It was not that Vidura was not willing to help the victims. He was incapable of offering them any help. One dominant reason was he was poor and he had no status in the court, in spite of being the Prime Minister, because he was the son of a maid. Mother says MONEY is the link between life and Supermind. Money gives one strength as well as status if he has earned it righteously. It is easier to sit in tapas than to earn MONEY through right means. Vidura was in the pay of Duryodhana. Duryodhana said in the open court that those in his pay could not go against him. Money gives an independence too. In that sense, money earned rightly gives a person strength to serve the cause of TRUTH. This truth about money is not believed by ascetics who in their austerity avoid money. There are those who would not touch money with their hands. They will have no power to serve the Truth.

story | by Dr. Radut