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796. Sources of Income

Man is becoming socially conscious. He has discovered the value of education. A newspaper discovered that their advertisement income was steadily increasing. In tabulating it and categorising it, the number one income - the maximum advertisement income for them - was from educational institutions. There are over 200 engineering colleges in the South. Where did the private engineering colleges find their capital?  Some say it is all black money. Maybe it is true. But black money or white money, in a poor country like India, how can MONEY be found? Of course, a study can trace it, the economists can explain. That will enlighten our thinking. One common sense answer most people will disagree with is there is an awakening, an awakening of the individual. He wants to live better. He seeks a better standard of living. Therefore, he has become expensive or costly. Some people will agree with it and others may not. The rising value of the Individual raises the human value of the currency. Spiritually, this is a possible explanation of the increasing Prosperity we witness all around at least in the towns.

The uncollected outstanding in the banks is over 75,000 crores of rupees which means so much of bank money has become ‘income' for some people. Man was always ready to borrow. An old story is while a man was at his meals, his wife reported that someone was selling elephants on the road. He was not interested, as he could not feed an elephant. She went outside and returned with the news that the elephants were sold on credit. The husband's mouth was full of food and he could answer only after a minute when he had swallowed it. He could hardly wait. He showed a sign by his two fingers indicating he was willing to buy two elephants, because it was on credit. Man is ready to borrow. Experienced lenders used to say most borrowers do not intend to repay. Experienced and resourceful borrowers have developed a strategy of a very pleasant exterior. It is: borrowing is a source of income.

As the rising individual's value raises the supply of money in the country, negatively resourceful individuals have discovered a new source of income: Borrowing.  I know personally two of them. They are thoughtful, pleasant and resourceful. As human beings capable of accomplishment, these two men who represent a type are potentially great achievers. If only they change their attitude and decide to put their great capacities to their own personal development, I am sure they will be leaders of their own community or town. India is endowed with innumerable capacities in her citizens. She has also developed an equal number of attitudes in them. One is that ‘borrowing is a source of income'. In today's positive, buoyant, economic climate, such individuals, if only they change their attitude, will become millionaires. This is one aspect of spiritual degeneration. A reversal of it will be spiritual regeneration. India is a great nation destined to lead the world spiritually. These men who are born leaders have chosen to live by debts instead of income. The hour calls for the turning of a new leaf.

story | by Dr. Radut