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824. The Boundless Finite

The space on earth or in the sky is boundless and appears as infinite space for us. It is intelligible for us to concede that conception as infinity or infinite space. But, strictly speaking, it is what the philosopher calls ‘the boundless finite'. Infinity is behind the veil there and is seen in its eternal recurrence. Infinity is of a different order than the boundless finite. The boundless finite can be immense, it can be indefinable, but it does not reach the dimensions of the infinite. The Infinite is composed of infinitesimals each of which can issue the Infinite. The boundless finite can multiply but cannot proliferate or self-multiply. Matter growing into vast proportions can grow to be the boundless finite. It is not infinity.

The Brahman, the Absolute is infinite. In the post-war period, especially from the 70s, we see the society the world over revealing the touches of the Infinite. The social energies are of that description. The growth of population carries the character of infinite explosion. The powers of the society are growing in infinite proportions. Particularly, MONEY is self-multiplying, an acid test for its character of infinity. The worker who was paid Rs. 1 in 1960 is now paid Rs. 100 per day and is not available. Economists say it is because of rising costs. It does not occur to them to ask why the costs rise.  Costs rise because the value of Man has risen. Matter can grow quickly and show the propensity of the boundless finite, but MAN grows in infinite proportions. Money multiplies quickly because MAN's value multiplies.

Matter, life, and mind all contain an infinite dimension. The motion inside Matter is infinite. Mind has infinite other points of view. All successful men consciously or unconsciously SEE the infinite viewpoints of others. Hence their success. The power of the society in 2000 AD is not the same power as it was in 1945, at the end of the war. It has vastly expanded and shows the characteristics of Infinity. One reason for the sporadic success of terrorism is this increase of social power. Governments can have access to this power if they tune themselves to it. The creation of the European Union, the emergence of the Euro meet with unexpected success - and unexpected obstacles - because somewhere they are acting in unison with the vibrations of this infinite Power. This is most seen where money is transacted internationally. Money has accumulated as a social power in all societies and governments are incapable of utilising it rightly. Man, the boundless finite, has broken into the next higher dimension of Infinity. His future will be graced by a success of that description. It is time for him to awake and rise to the occasion

story | by Dr. Radut