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829. What is Conquest?

Conquest is the device of Nature by which the strong ultimately and unfailingly gets the virtues of the weak. Mother says England has learnt very much from India. Trade and business where wealth is accumulated easily make men selfish, even aggressively selfish. The accumulating money has the inherent power to fortify selfishness. In India, the ideal for the vaisya is to support a large circle of people around his family. It is an ideal his mind out of spiritual awakening should choose. It is an Ideal which man slowly accepts. There is another avenue for this. America made business her life breath. The national language is shot through and through with business idioms, as Indian languages use spiritual concepts for the merest function.

The urge for expanding business drove the Americans to conquer the whole population for their market as clientele. The result was business was more and more conquered by the ideals of the society. One cannot preach to businessmen in hot pursuit of burgeoning black profits. All able bodied men turn into gangsters in a society where muscle power exerted becomes money. The businessmen finance their gyrations, the politician lends his power to them, the courts are purchased, and law obeys them. A whole state legislature was once bought by an enterprising moneybag. Between 1849 and 1856 over one thousand murders were committed in San Francisco and only one conviction was there. The population rose in revolt, arrested 48 of them, hanged many of them, and tolled the bells in celebration. The glittering American prosperity passed through this mob rule. It is still there, if not at the level of the public morals.

How to tame his Greed. Nature showed him that his greater profits lie in pleasing the customer. As a result, mob violence gave place to customer satisfaction. Today the phone call is almost free, credit comes to the door. Greed, by being greedy, conquers itself. This is how Nature or God teaches raw emotions of base human passions to conquer themselves and bring themselves to serve the wider population voluntarily. Self-conquest is the best of all conquests. It is the discipline the Spirit requires. Man has dominated the woman for ages. Has he learnt anything from that conquest? Today he worships her as he has never done, though man's need for the woman was always there in full force. Countries that enjoy a surfeit of money and overflowing comforts of inconceivable description have discovered the need to WIN the woman. Man is at his best to value the woman and intensely contemplates how to make her love him. He is ultimately conquered by the woman.

story | by Dr. Radut