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833. Transformation

The goal of yoga, tapas, etc. is moksha. The goal of integral yoga is Transformation of Man into the Supramental Being. To explain transformation as a concept in life is to say that something that is bad must be changed into good. This is not a satisfactory explanation. If a boy steals, his parents try to stop his stealing. When they succeed, it is great. This is correction. A Force that can change the urges of a boy who is now stealing into urges that will not permit stealing or theft is a Force of transformation. The presence of a transformed thief prevents others from stealing.  India can progress. She can shed poverty and become prosperous. It is great. Can we imagine that her poverty of today can become tomorrow's prosperity? To make it clear, can the circumstances that keep India poor today be changed into circumstance of Prosperity.

Lack of education, lack of skills are two reasons for our present poverty. Can we imagine that these two reasons can change into causes of Prosperity? If that happens, it is transformation. In the backward classes, we now see the very causes of earlier poverty have become an occasion to be highly educated. Population was a curse. Now some say maybe it will make India rich. It is not only no longer a curse, but changes into a blessing. Mother's Force received into the nation soul can transform all our present curses into future blessings. Non-accession of Kashmir has been a source of tension for sixty years. Suppose this Kashmir problem becomes a cause for Pakistan to merge with India, it is a transformation. It is one thing to get rid of a weakness, but it is another thing to transform it.

The affairs of the nation are in the hands of its leaders. But our own affairs are in our hands. Individuals coming forward to transform their own lives will be a distant beginning to a national goal. Valmiki's origin was a dacoit. We enjoy several weaknesses and deficiencies. Getting rid of them is laudable. It is worth trying to transform them, especially in issues that touch the life of the nation such as fundamentalism, payment of tax, corruption, absence of punctuality, etc. One who desires to serve Mother India as a patriotic son will do well that way. Great enthusiastic patriots who preside over an organisation when they find it lacking in its organised efficiency can come forward to change their own organisation as a source of ORGANISATIONAL efficiency for others. Overnight, this Force will raise them to the level of all-India performance. We want India who was a slave and poor, to become rich. HE wants the slave of yesterday to be the Jagat Guru of tomorrow. That national transformation begins in us with cleanliness, regularity, integrity, truthfulness, honesty, loyalty and a host of social and work values valued all over the world.


story | by Dr. Radut