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Spiritual Realisation in Yoga & Spiritual Fulfilment in Life – Luck

I have called Sri Aurobindo's yogic philosophy as Sri Aravindam. It has a central message and dozens of salient points.

  • The central message of Sri Aravindam is Fullness, either in yoga or in life.
  • In spirituality, that whole denotes Infinity.
  • In life, the same fullness signifies an ever-increasing abundance. We call it prosperity, Luck, infinite resources, etc.
  • At any point of Space or Time, one can choose the part or the whole.
  • Humans always have a choice - to choose the Infinite.
  • The tradition mentions evolution, but does not explain it.
  • Those who believe there is a heaven and hell and only a single life on earth understand our life to be typal, not admitting evolution.
  • Science speaks of the biological evolution of forms.
  • Sri Aurobindo speaks of spiritual evolution of consciousness.
  • Our part is limited to our acts. Our time is limited to our life in this body and our space is confined to where we live.
  • Sri Aurobindo's WHOLE is the whole creation including the Superconscient above and the subconscient below spreading all over the universe with the evolving godhead as the center.
  • The moksha of the spiritual tradition where the individual soul goes back to its origin in the Immutable soul or the Transcendent is, according to Sri Aurobindo, only a part, not the whole.
  • We can give a method to reach the whole briefly in several steps.
  • We live in the surface mind in Ignorance as an ego. We live in the mind, Time-bound as a finite.
  • The first step is to move away from the surface to the inner mind through consecration.
  • The inner mind is subtle, not spiritual, but the subliminal is situated here.
  • The subliminal is the meeting point between the subconscious and Superconscient.
  • The subliminal is capable of spreading all over the universe.
  • The Psychic is located in the subliminal cave.
  • The spiritual being of the Prakriti gathers the essence of experiences and collects in the psychic first as consciousness, later as an entity and finally as a psychic being. Its consciousness becomes a being when it acquires substance.
  • Then the central psychic being becomes the psychic being of the physical, acquiring the substance. Thus it becomes the Supramental Being.
  • We start in the mind, and as described above, go down to the physical.
  • Sri Aurobindo says this new evolution has a double opening.
  • Its main characteristic is to move simultaneously above and below.
  • Moving below, it goes through the consciousness and substance of the mental, vital and physical.
  • Moving to the Supermind above, it moves through the higher mind, Illumined mind, Intuitive mind and Overmind.

The thirteen points covered by the double movement are summarized as the triple transformation:

  1. Psychic transformation,
  2. Spiritual transformation
  3. Supramental transformation
  • The psychic transformation is the psychic in all the parts awakening and saturating the plane with psychic consciousness.
  • Spiritual transformation is the above rising inwardly through the ranges of the spiritual mind.
  • When one crosses the golden lid, reaches the Supermind and it descends into the physical consciousness down below to the physical substance, it is Supramental transformation.
  • The Supramental transformation completes the spiritual realisation of the yoga.
  • It has two parts, one inner and the other outer.
  • Many have completed the inner part.
  • The outer is for humanity. The outer here is the universal consciousness of the individual supramentalised, i.e. life. This is described by the several theoretical steps here.
  • We can come to life. To achieve fulfillment here is the first step in a yoga of a great many steps.
  • If we consider the universe as a column, yogic fulfillment is at the top while life fulfillment is at the bottom.
  • The above is only an outline where each point can be fully expanded.
  • In life, the full journey from where we are - the part - to where we should go - the whole - lies wholly in our own life situation. In other words, the whole territory lies in a single act or a chain of actions.
  • A man having an opportunity receives it in his mind or vital which is the part. He has to move to the whole where the spiritual term in the physical consciousness lies.
  • Take a man getting a fine investment opportunity and let us trace that path and process here. Let him receive it as an idea of the mind or an interest in the vital.
  • All the higher or lower points DO NOT lie in the proposal or in a rising column of his personality from head to foot, but they are all POINTS in his own attitude, not elsewhere.
  • In the mind, the idea is a conception.
  • He should move away from the conception on two lines, one above and the other down below. It will be a simultaneous movement, a double opening.
  • If he gives up the thought of the idea - his mind becomes silent.
  • When he tries NOT to understand even through silence - it becomes a vision.
  • When he gives up the reliance on light - it changes into a direct intuition.
  • When he gives up the medium of Intuition, he gets the pure knowledge of the project unmixed with Ignorance. Still, the ignorance is around.
  • By trying to know there is light as a seed in the Ignorance, he moves to the Supermind.
  • The idea of the mind, if accepted by the emotions, moves to the vital in the mind (No. 2).
  • When the idea is organised into a will - decision - he moves to the physical mind (No. 3).
  • When the decision changes into determination, the center moves from the consciousness to the substance of the brain.
  • Determination becoming commitment causes the center to further move from the brain to the physical substance in No. 7.
  • This is the journey down in the scale of mental, vital and physical.
  • How to move to the spiritual term in the physical consciousness?
  • It can be done at the mental level and continued or done either at the vital or physical level.
  • Consecration accomplishes the move.
  • Consecration implies moving away from ego, mind, Time, the finite and the surface.
  • Non-egoistic attitude eliminates ego.
  • By not thinking, one gets out of mind.
  • By not thinking of the past or future, one comes out of Time.
  • By giving up mental opinions, vital attitudes and physical habits, one tries to emerge out of the finite into the Infinite.
  • Consecration moves one from the surface to the depth. 
  1. The part that we are can reach the WHOLE through a million lines.
  2. All that we do is from a partial stance.
  3. Each partial point has its own full version.
  4. Anywhere one can start from the part in the act and move to the whole in the act.
  5. That Process is the process of creation, rather the process of evolution.
  6. Knowing one is in the part, aiming at the whole in the act, and moving from one to the other is the work of creating LUCK.
  7. The part is human, the whole is the Divine.

story | by Dr. Radut